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102 people lost in H.O.R.S.E to Dude Perfect

Justin Y.

I have contamination OCD, or I'm just extremely germophobic. I'm genuinely terrified to touch anything in public restrooms, city busses, buffet foods, someone else's pencils, etc. I also get freaked out if someone else has filthy or sweaty hands.

I knew satan was affiliated with anime, and weeaboos.

Oscar Abel

Doo, he was just on thot patrol

Nejat Ebrahim

We want u to know that we’re with u through this hard time and that ur not alone there r hundreds of ppl going through the same thing and it’s a good thing u shared this story to raise awareness 😭❤️

lacool boii

Gareth is my favorite


Thank you for the amazing video :3

Eli the guy


Carly Mats

Who else realized Cody kept switching his shirt to rival teams in basketball

Heath Shain

This would have been better if you did the taste test blind. Would have been better if you didn't know which was from each restaurant.

Depression Potato

Im 15 years old , i have this unknown illness, that doctors cannot explain, its been almost 9 years since its all started, im suffering so much , it effected my mental health, i wake up almost everyday spitting half a cup if not even more of pure red blood , exactly like nose bleed , but from my mouth, and doctors just dont know whats going on with me , I’ve traveled to the usa (( boston children’s hospital)) 3 times , they didnt know whats going on too , I guess I’ll just wait until it all ends

Dindo Nuffin

5...inches in ur Baby sister

Mike The Fox

WHOA!!, let me guess, that loud breathing sound is from the player right?, well, whatever that was it startled me!

R.C. 2141

Fuck that I can’t listen anymore. You didn’t love her

Speed Cuber 99

capture the flag!

Ollie O

Sososo cool

Rylan Smith

I have been watching them for a long time, but i still don't know how they do it

Hector Coronel

I want to see a football guy eat something that involves a lot of protein because football people need protein

Rodolfo Hernandez

14 bounces

Nanan Bright

Am exactly like this girl

Lmao Lmao


Wasi Saeid

Well done for 1 MILLION


did anyone notice that dude perfect has no black people on the teamRASICT

Reem Hossam

In the first day of my period I have alot of blood and cramps and feeling dizzy and vomiting but it is so weird like it is smth transparent ....

Rijad Agačević

The golf shot becouse it is fake

Rina Heavner


- hey you can’t kick us out!!1!!!1!1!

Henry Devon

The pig one is I've done it before him

Limp Wibbler

Honestly the Frisbee looks super hard. I'd love to be amazing with a Frisbee.

Robert Lynch

Theres actually another Zombie land archievement reference. Witch is rule #1 get a survivor's cardio to level 7. When in the beginning of the movie he is talking about how the fat ones were the first to go. Lol

Moataz Ahmed

Red team (Tyler, coby and cory

Zach Hill

Dead rising series

Ethan Hadley

lol at 7:58 on the left i see raiden donatello sub zero and indiana jones

Harshdeep Singh

Virat Kohli

Peachy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

You should listen to prom queen by beach bunny

Ricky Gonzalez

Giving Starbucks employees $100*

Jackson Abercrombie

Happy new years

Joe Shmo

you guys need to do a dirtbike eddition

Unicorn Ellie


Muhib’s Videos

Who’s watching this in 2019,

Wheel UnFortunate


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