Inside a desktop computer with details (RAM,PROCESSOR, MOTHER BOARD AND MORE) in Hindi #1 - YouTube

Hello friendsIn this video we will see the details parts inside a desktop computer.Here is the list of parts inside the CPU box.1. RAM - Random Access Memory2. Processor / CPU - Brain of the Computer3. Motherboard. The motherboard is the computer's main circuit board (MCB)4. SATA Hard disk Drive -HDD5. SATA 2.0 data bus6. CPU Fan7. SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) - Who supply the power to all the unit.8. Video Card 9. Network Card 10. Expansion Slotsand lots of transistors.... So for updates stay connected with stay updated.Thank you for watching.You can follow me on channelto become topperBannedtech updatestory of Indian entrepreneursupdates JIO COIN app Sony XperiaMarket PlaceRepublic Day Offeryour personal Information /Securityis Memeform of tech wordsa computerFeaturesAmazing Websitesis HashtagYoung Entrepreneurs Success storyCODE TRICKSAND TALENTOVERLOADINGCOMPUTER SHORTCUT KEYSUSEFUL RUN COMMANDSACCESSSTATUS CODESHUMANOID ROBOTWEBSITESWHATSAPP FEATUREINTELLIGENCECOMPUTINGYOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTTIPS TO ENHANCE BATTERY LIFERICHEST COMPANIEScan follow me on channelFOR WATCHING*******************************************************#computer_parts

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