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Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Stop thinking in terms of physical and virtual servers. With Chef, your real asset is the code that brings those servers and the services they provide to life. An automated infrastructure can accelerate your time to market, help you manage scale and complexity, and safeguard your systems.You can learn more about Chef at

stefano mangione

Temazo 🔥🔥volvió el bad Bunny q todos extrañaba🔥💕

Cassidy Firestone

I relate to this so much. When I was diagnosed with bipolar I had the same thoughts. I completely broke down. I was embarrassed that I had the same disorder as people who do bad things. I've always struggled and this year it got worse. I'm failing all my classes. I don't even know if I'm going to pass sophomore year and I'm really worried about my future with college and stuff. I used to be a good student. 3.5 GPA which was still good for someone who did bad on every test. But now I'm doing horrible. I kind of brushed off when people say "you're not alone" and people are going through the same stuff". I knew people were through similar but this is pretty much exactly what I'm going through. It sucks that someone else has to feel this way. It really really sucks.


Steph isn't the reason they are losing, it's bad coaching decisions. It was a terrible idea to bring Boogie and KD into the starting lineup after being injured so long. Shows gold

Nandish Kumar

Can you please make your airplane fly very far so that it can make a guniss world record

Nelson lair



You do réalisé World War One started in 1914 if you were born in 1918 THE END year of WW1 then how did you possibly fight in WW1!!

Eric Harris


N00by Art

My brother and I were born 3 months early and had to stay in intensive care, but neither of us have any major health issues.

Steffy Myers

My birth day is also in may

Sub Zero

I thought the first one when it said Jax I thought it meant Jax from Mortal Kombat

10th dimension- This one is truly tricky and fascinatingly mind-boggling. What is there beyond the omniverse? The omniverse IS EVERYTHING so what else is there? My theory is that you have the ability to control ALL OMNIVERSES(an infinite amount of 'everythings') in reality and existence. Think of it like this: Our omniverse may not be infinite as all possible universes does not necessarily mean 'infinite' but a very significant number beyond current human comprehension. Therefore, you could say that our omniverse will eventually die. Perhaps 10th dimensional beings could ensure the survival of existence by making an infinite amount of omniverses which allow existence to go on for eternity!

Cam Westerman

At 2:48 did anyone else notice Ty's dad step on his foot

If anyone wants to see it you can find it on my channel.



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Gernamy 🇩🇪

diabeteshero smith




Uns Retardados e Uma Câmera

whats whit the bottle in the end? someone explain me please ...


I'm sure you could have explained it without giving buzzword names to every action or feeling anyone has.

Leeyam Mehta

Aprill 2020 anyone?


it does

MarioFan588 /

Is this show even worth watching?

yasmin mohamed

Think about how much she ruined that first wedding by causing all that drama!!!🙄😡

ninja ._. vanish

I love these videos but this story was just so fastly paced it was hard to follow :/

Owen Roach

I’m a activity guy


Make another counter strike video

XxNelaGamer MajXx


Gabriel Abou Rizk


Stephen G

Its only found when your traveling at like midnight.

Monica Perez

But thzt.smdumE

Cloverdale ll

OMG this girl is strong she servived and she flaw up in the air she stayed in the jungle for alot of days a omg

Alejandro Velazquez-Caballero

This scary vid but you should see the song It's me 5- UFC reviews tape and decides illegal punch after the bell was to the nose not to the eye- therefore a a loss

lil Savage



Like the most normal gift you can get


3:53 Fucking jumpscare

The Tanning Crew

Pastor of Muppets

F at that last one



Elizabeth Teresa Gamez Garcia

Thank you

SpottedTeil Mist

I have anxiety but it’s not as bad


We want easter eggs about FunWithGuru xD

Janathan Manathan

6:38 this was really sad to hear. I bet this guy hates his brother


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