Intro to MIDI in Max 7

MIDI in Max. No introduction of what MIDI itself is, only how to do it in Max. Includes objects: kslider, noteout, makenote, and a way of automating some sound and making a really basic sequencer with metro, counter, and select.

Abdiqadir Muhamed

Film John Cena

Huskyfishfan Gaming

But still pretty cool

And i live in Bangladesh

Condescending online Man

7:15 top 10 reasons hillary didn't win the 2016 election?


must feel good being with other gays, it’s where you belong. Please stay there

Charlotte Horlock

Great idea for a video! The Family Guy bit was genius.

Life As Queen Vo

i Wanna Meet Him So Fucking Bad Ghee Omg 4Eva My Nigga Brooooo


7:10 I don't get it? What does this mean exactly?


The first one is just elephant toothpaste

Ika Zea



That's so cool that they would go so out of there way to make an Easter egg like that!


I watched my entire family killed.

Doug Peters

Who is panda


Does she really look like J.K. Rowling or it's just me?

MVP and John Cena

i think tyler is going to win the go kart battle


E3 was the best gurukid


that video length tho

Puppy cute princess Roxy the rockstar wolf


Blake Neilson

I am so the laugher

Paislee JIll

Who ever says Tyler stop winningIdon't agree bc he wins EPICplus he's team Coby when he wins its for Coby


Do rock skipping trick shots


I don't think sobchak is an easter egg but a level design choice, a way for avoid empty place.

Po tym wydarzeniu zacząłem wierzyć, że gdyby mnie nie było, to moja rodzina byłaby znacznie szczęśliwsza niż obecnie. I wtedy zrozumiałem, że nigdy już nie będę w stanie być szczęśliwym, będąć tym, kim chcę być. To było takie przytłaczające. Tego dnia zapragnąłem skończyć swoje życie. Nikogo nie było po mojej stronie, byłem naprawdę... samotny. Więc, kiedy podniosłem hormony, spojrzałem na nie i myślałem, „Jeśli wezmę wszystkie te tabletki, czy po prostu zasnę i już się nie obudzę?" I wtedy pomyślałem: „Czy jeśli już nigdy się nie obudzę, będzie im przykro?" Po prostu myślałem i myślałem, cały czas płacząc.

Henry Wheaton

at 7:00, I think you have it wrong. A while ago, there was a phenomenon of people claiming that Jesus appeared on a piece of bread they toasted, and then selling the toast with Jesus' face on it for a ton of money to people who clearly don't like their bank accounts. The thing on his head is probably a halo instead of a cowboy hat. But hey, I might be wrong. Aside from that, great video.



Zacimation Newgreen

4:23 hey vsauce, Michael here


Its supposed to be dumbass


then you should do stereotypes of school days

Katie Gullock

Harry is the funniest person on YouTube

Steve Childs

no shit, if you think its real ur fucking retarded

NeonPanda 2009

I feel so bad for garret!


super hyped for the game even though the characters don't look that nice. But you can't always have everything haha

A e s t h e t i c L u k e

I saw him at the fair

RmYT 212

I love Cody's LBJ jersey.

Ako Rageau

stand up Chloe ✌🏻️✌🏻😀😀👍🏻👍🏻 and remember that you help in situations like this 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🤘🏻🖐🤘🏻🖐🤘🏻


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