★ Java Game Programming Tutorial #25 - Background Music

FOR DAILY PROGRAMMING TUTORIALS, CLICK HERE today's tutorial I show you how to add background music to your game using the multi-threading I taught in the last video. Playlist music (where after one song finishes the next begins) will be the next video★Play Minecraft★ Get the DivineRPG mod: the store! connected with me!★Twitter: my livestreams: source on GitHub: your channel: this video with your friends, family, and pets!

BORIS /Creepy

5:44 she looks like she need to have sex

Surprised Pikachu

The toy story scene is what I think heaven feels like

Axel Padfoot

OMG! When i was a child i used to watch the first scene (Ollivander) repeatedly!! Now i feel less weird XD


What about Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC easter eggs?

Repeater305’s Video games


Jen Resil


SeKtor FlaRe

I love you guru

Aj Edwards

I love this video

Brandon Gomez

Saints row 4 is so fucking gay saints row 1&2 were amazing

Supernatural Light

Good one

Dr. Leta Sharp

That made my day 😆


Garret looks like a homeless hippy lol

Player Blox

That running rc on water is Jesus's RC Car


That's so cool


press 6

Mario Bagaskara

my favorite 6 rockstar game The wack song being played in the background sometimes repeated the word 'olly', which is my NAME!

Cloe C

U definetly didn't fall in love when ur 3. U actually did when u are in your teens

Team Ataraxia

Look at all those chickens! You can actually hear it!

Lauren Farley

“A day in the life” by the Beatles is way better...

Yoona Kim

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cj.m, and derek.l M,and L


Mel Astrope

You cut out the best part of that scene in The Matrix what the hell? Also the scene in Edward Scissorhands where Peg meets Edward is the best scene in the whole movie

Justice Rowe

Okay so the all seeing eye is not a "refferance" it's in alot of things....like...illuminati...? Never heard of em?...weird...like you're under a rock except you get to play video games

Jack Jack

Congratulations on the baby

Rest in peace Diamond

Joseph Pumacahua Taype

Lo mejor para iniciar la semana! =D

The Easter Egg Hunter

Love or hate this movie Disney Easter Eggs are always fun to find. Love the music by the way.

Sarcastic Sweetness

I would definatly not put up with that. If someone hurts you, you should fight. It helps unbelievably to do things with anti-inflammatory effects. For me this means running, intermittent fasting, and avoiding carbohydrates. Getting plenty of rest as well. If I do all these things daily, I can handle almost any stress that comes up without becoming overwhelmed.


lmao this is so brutal

Daniel Vermette

how many overtimes?

Roshan vermezyari


Evan Przybylak

Tyler Seguin is better than Jamie Benn go Dallas

Jeffrey Chris

Do a bathroom stereotypes :3

Martin Yutan

2:44 face in the mouth


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