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Aunastasia Braun

You need a pool bros!!!!!


For those who don't know, Ratman is mumbling about losing the Borialis, and later you can find the empty dock for it.  The Borialis is a major point in the Half-Life series

Nick Barr

As a Brit, I am always so proud of James Corden and how far he has come. Great job.

Joe Jaupi

I loved them and would always care about them, runs away and abandons them

Grandaddy Jesus YTP

Title should be top ten Nem'ro's Palace Easter Eggs, Goddamn that place was a goldmine.

Παρατάω το κανάλι


Sterling Powell

nice dreds

Stephanie Hanna

do ed sheeran or aaron judgealso check out my youtube channel:CamConnorHanna

Edit: click bait!

moosebandit 1

He should be a qb

Liquid Fuzzi

Oh no no

ImPulZe_ Enigma

26. Go into the playback speed

Colton Gorman

Am so fancy you already know

Elhousan Chajar

this tis the first dude perfect I ever watched

Savannah Muncy

Anyone else notice that from behind, the guy from Hitman looks like Slender Man

CR144 CR144

Warning this guys are professional don't do this

Andy Remesha

Where did this happen

Open your legs


4:03 Horses in the back

Lucy Bellenie-Pope

When I was watching this I saw Nate crying and I am now I in bits. I speak for everyone that we will definitely miss Diamond. Love you both. Stay strong xx ❤️❤️❤️ may she rest in piece xx



brendon puckett

Come on Colby you need to win the next one

Jolie Drury

You will win! cody!

I saw them looking at each other then the woman slightly turned to see if I noticed

Nathan Hardee

Lucky yall said something before i commented, the winger dingers from texas roadhouse are my fav..

eileen kitten

I haven’t showered in like 5 days because my hair is annoying to deal with


Bboyy Hhhoo


Alf Khan

You guys are awesome I liked and subscribe

Harry M

What's your favourote game? Which game you spend most of time? Greetings from Poland.

Khoa Trần

i hope there will be previous vault hunters cameos or DLC

Putul Shah

All of them are very good

Jiggin with G 55


Julia O'Neill

Being gay isn’t a choice sis


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