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Roger Carter

Steph has no help!!! Iggy, dray, cuz, mckinnie, cook all missing every got damn thing!!


6:56 look at all those chickens!

When kilgrave injected himself with that serum which made him stronger he turns purple while he is in pain and later when he got angry. Reference to his comic character's skin color. Purple

Fortnite god 1234321

I would beat you

adore's velour

Griffin is awesome wow

7.compares you to others.

Dani Llansola

Like i me rapo

FUTURE_Zone1 5


Alexandra Zhuravlev

1:22 But Coby was in the finale

Paru Mahesh

Rage monster was too far but still so funny


Irony is I’m watching this on you tube.

Aaron Haugh

Seems a little strong for a “Padawan”

Alexander Hellmann

the first one ware for league of leguens

Anthony Olivo™

I don't understand how they can make Vuelie more amazing each time. I feel like the music needs way more appreciation. Watch the Frozen 1 trailer then this one and you will get me.

Malachi Thornton-Fukui

I can barely ice skate

Brielle Marie

I wonder why they never gave eachother their number...?

beasty dude

I have gone to 12478 feet

Eric Mac DaBallers

ayyo look at my channel trying to set up some awesome trickshots!


Wow I'm early

ethan hunt

no "death" that is the most fucking stupidest thing i ever hared does a mother wish to their child wither way with to make his/her life to have meaning if we make a cure for death we won't make a robo death to give life meaning. Life would be hell off a lot better if death would go way.

rat sucking noodles

he’s just a perfect little boy :(


I will NEVER wear a two piece U-U

Silly donut Annie Roblox YT

J. K. Rowling 🥰😘😍


freakin awesome

Maksymilian Tym



da real alpha74

Does chris moisturize

Oliver McVay

Omfg I was just watching Edward scissorhands the other day and I was literally watching that scene thinking “this is some unintentional asmr”

I'm a killer, girl, I’m sorry, but I can't change 911, this incel right here

Eric Ortega


Em starts pulling them off but you snatch her

A Day In The Life Of Me

I have type one diabetes it’s not the kind that you develop from eating too much


I like how the payday easter egg has the level named No mercy and its set in a hospital and it is dark. Geuss what? Left 4 Dead has the same crap..


Please do more :) This part was really really nice, esp. the ending and the direct conversations. Voices are top. This plays in Thailand?


Sharks are better


I'm the Rage Monster

Mom: Get off that fking phone!

Naj 0116

This was hard, too much pain but it’s 💯👏🌍

Gamer 543

I am ty


Raymond Blackard

I thought Vick’s vapor rub provided instant relief but when you said jk to the triple Will Tell... I can rest easy now. Thank you 🙏

ASMR Lovey

Any small channels want to support each other ?🌈🌸❣️


The bow and basketball shot


Nested Menu