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Tyler Weather

0:00 5 Legends has entered the chat

Ernie Gilbert


MagicalKellie !

I parents lived in Vietnam I speak Vietnamese


i could probably easily beat that record


You should have filled the sandpit with ants.

collin ruffner

Its beautiful to see these guys using their platform to make this kids day!

Anne Göttlinger

Thanks for making these awesome Videos!

asaround256 the bro

Did he use a credit card 2:50

Country roads, take me home

Fsa Sneha

I’m proud to be a girl . Really love this story sooo much . I’m really proud of you

Julian Luther

Do any of the guys live in that castle


Anybody else think some of the commentary is lip synced

RHMR Kassem

this video happend when it was my birthday


I started going "OMG OMG OMG!!" at 1:44 when I realized ahe was wearing a My Neighbor Totoro shirt


6:23 and the pedobear ofc




Damn I want a cigar now.


Golf bugie

Toby Hammond

Would lick that chicken juice of her lips

I never had a date :l

4 mins later

Sports 4 Life

LeBron James

Krishna Narayanan

Dude Perfect is the best thing on Earth


This is why my flight was delayed

Monkey banana milkshake Taylor


Mats Lundberg

And i have to take of my shoes to get on that plane...

Labrador Gacha’s

I hope you find a way to stop the pain


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