KotlinConf 2018 - Annotation Processing in a Kotlin World by Zac Sweers - YouTube

Recording brought to you by American Express processing is a powerful tool to extend your codebase at build time, and the advent of Kotlin in the android community introduces a dimension to this. Kapt works with existing Java processors, but it doesn’t come without its quirks at the interop layer. This talk will dive into how you can leverage Kotlin bytecode’s @Metadata annotations to better understand Kotlin code during annotation processing, covering anywhere from case studies in Dagger and Moshi to leveraging tools like KotlinPoet to even generate Kotlin code that seamlessly leverages language features.About the Presenter:Zac Sweers is a mobile engineer at Uber with primary focus areas in Android, code gen, Kotlin, OSS, and avoiding sniffly APIs. He’s the creator of a few open source libraries like AutoDispose and Barber, and active contributor to several more.

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