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We put this video together to celebrate Dior's first birthday. Our special baby girl born at 23 weeks gestation. She spent 157 days in the NICU. It was a long and scary 157 days NICU stay. We are thankful for all the support we received and blessed to have our happy, healthy little girl.Here a 2018 update video on Diorsome books I would recommend if your child has been diagnosed with Autism McDonald House Charities of NashvilleCarell Jr. Children's Hospital at VanderbiltThomas Midtown HospitalThis video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help supports the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

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all BALL

This guy is so entertaining-

Jack A.

If you bring Lydia to bleak fast cave were the SW Easter egg is at she will say"I've got a bad feeling about" this :D

Gamer Plays

this wasn't 1 min

katana Sword

Stay strong you'll make it I believe in you

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Patrick Lowndes

Why are people complaining about the Easter eggs in this video. These are HIS top ten Easter eggs.

Dylan Olson

I don't see why people always give nickelback hell they are amazing in concert and their music is pretty good.

Alikeableguy 123

They are Canadian

Uswege murderer


~Looks at comments~

Ryan Fehr

Kinda reminds me of Hopsin


What was inappropriate?

damian holtsenburg

oh my god

Borna Lončarić

Tyler looks so like Bradley Cooper

Ru3dy vlogs

team garret

Oliver Rodas

Uno de los de dp se parece a josh de twenty ome pilots

Milkshake 380

Dont wory ty i HATE shocking and nettles

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took your sweet fucking time... funny though... more bball

shy guy becouse I am

Instead of mobile robinhood i should be named mobile willhelm tell

Conor Smith

Pretty sure world's longest touchdown pass was called back for offsides...

fortnite and roblox rule

If she's ur step mom but ur real one

Radharaman Pathak

Next EP pls

Jan Thangaraj

I just see the ppl in the background staring at them

Mert Tarı

testing unit

Rhys Miguel -the 3rd-

i'm sorry but their noses...

Brandon Bly

You're amazing


so it’s okay to build a wall in this case???


Fiat 500?

Chara ASMR bullsh*t

I often got tingles while watching a movie, long ago before i discovered what Asmr actually is. Back then i thought i was the only person in the world who felt this feeling when I listened to whispering for example lol 😂

RevengeGaming 22

Legit got shivers when it zoomed out on their necks


My favorite segment was bloops


At 1:19 when he kills a friendly, cortana's like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? And guru (Asperger's is now diagnosed under autism too... I think... Something like that...)

Dabi {Todoroki?????}

It's just like talking..

Kiara Chapman


Crusita Rayos

Do dodgeball stereotypes

Annabel Theron Theron

I subscribed!

Devan Boffa

Just give us the next episode!!!!! Lol jk

angle dangle

Your a mythbuster

DOA VENOM burrah

Jeff luks amazing


That was dude perfect.

Kaiden Thibedeaux

Dak Prescott


When I saw the headline I thought for a min...

MeMeS_AlWaYs_WiN ;w;

LEsson: NEVER WEAR A BIKINI wear 1 peice swimming suits

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Affan Siddique

You should meet c.ronaldo


can you post the video you did with megwin?


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