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John Spearns

He hit nine million

SuperJayden !

Anyone here in 2019 Also these shots are CRAZY

Claudinei Moreira

Os Políciaficaram puto😂

Kenia Infante

Dude that's perfect

Alper SARI

it is the perfect birthday present for me, a video from guru! (its my b-day today)


3:35 it's not 'ROLLING' it's 'LOL'

phao miu

Living in a country where fresh graduates can apply but must have 1 year experience even if you finish a bachelors degrees. Where you will get paid half of the amount because your and outsource and not a regular employee under the company with the same job title. Enjoying life only comes after your 9hours job and a one day off but you don’t have enough energy so you will just go to bed and sleep. And repeat that routine just to pay bills at the end of the month.

Haree Bawlz

Pacific rim anyone?


Yeah thats a little easteregg if you look at that sign with a certain setting. Jk I still trying to quit smoking also she never pushed me only giving me advices to have healthier life

Mattie Basba

finally they're back with their unbelievable shots =D

JoJo MeMe

So how was that first one a Mad World Easter egg? Excuse me because I haven't played it in a long time and I've sold my Wii.


Cyberpunk 2077: Ultra technology

yashfeen khan.

the best way to lose weight is have a heartbreak

Zander Alexander

I’ve never had a bad day in my life

Rafly Djaelani

Yup you're going c-c-c-c crazy

Couper Liddicoat

2019 anyone like if you are

kyle lozinski

cool if you have judgement on xbox id love to find and or activate some easter eggs with you because you cearly know more of them than me

Awesome Austin

Toronto's eifel-tower.

Me: hmm im 12 i thin they can have baba

I'm just trolling great video

High Turtle

I’m sorry but the daughter in the thumbnail looks like a depressed grandma


visible confusion


i relate a lot., especially the comparing part. If i get a bad grade on literally anything, if i don't get a super high grade, i get compared by my mom, and it's literally not fair. I am tired of hearing oh "why can't you be more like your sister" or why can't you be more like some disabled person who got these achievements. She wants me to be some mathematician, to be some close to perfect person. But i'm not! i'm not even close! I don't want to hear that. She didn't even sound even a tiny bit happy about the fact that i got an alternate solo part in my choir group, because i didn't get the solo part. I didn't make me feel good. and i HATE math. Because of math, my life is going downhill. It has destroyed my learning experience, to no want to go to school to learn, because what's the point to try and learn math if i keep getting C's on tests and getting yelled at. what is the point? i'm not saying she is a bad parent, she does good things for me and my family, but i do not think pointing out my mistakes, comparing me to every single "better" person in the world is not being good. I understand that i need punishment but i don't need to keep hearing about how this person is better than me in math. I really don't. my life would be better if i didn't keep hearing that. it really would. maybe that is why i have low self-esteem, why every math class is TORTURE because it keep reminding me of Failure.

Lyjuhbear Fortnite user

60 yr

Scarlet Hathaway

I swear Tyler is doing the panda trick shots. You can hear him scream "YEAH!" every time he gets one. 😏

The Cartographer

3:50 But, reality is sometimes disappointing. Atleast her parents care thats good :)

Insane Nancy

im sorry, im not crying, shrek came in with an onion. i mean what?

Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

Basically the non-vilonite version of Urge. (Movie Reference) like if you get it.


This song sounds familiar... it's the Totoro song right? Idk... is it? XD

Angel Cocio

what is the first game called??? anyone

Jeremie Savoie

I fucking love how Funhaus is in Battlefield: Hardline

Trash Dan

There is Google space and Google gravity

Smh _queen937

Is that sticker still on tanners car the meat mattiac sticker?

Lighia Karoline

we love a Kylie Vlogger

Eddie Perez

1:17 the ball hits his head!!!

Nathan K

Bout damn time the best Final Fantasy got some love from SE


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