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Learn a Programming Language Before a Technology or Framework? – Programming Tip by Tim Buchalka 2019Is it really necessary to learn a programming language first before learning a technology? Or can you go ahead and learn a new technology and a programming language at the same time? I'll answer this commonly asked question in this video.Did you know there's a lot of factors and things that you'll need to overcome to become a programmer that aren't specifically related to coding?My name is Tim Buchalka and I have put together a series of videos which I call the "Programming Tip of the Day". And basically, each video goes through talking about some of the pitfalls and things that you'll need to overcome to succeed as a programmer, things like overcoming frustration and keeping yourself motivated.In this series I will also answer common questions aboutchoosing a programming language to learn, questions about your career path and things of that nature. Now there's a lot of other things as well that I'll cover in these videos and I'm also opening the lines for you to tell me what you want me to cover.Now I've been a programmer for over 35 years so I think I'm real qualified to answer a lot of these questions. So if you do have a question, pop the question in the comments section of this video and I'll do my best to address that in a future video.If you're ready to look at the next tip, click on the link below to get redirected to the playlist for all programming tips:you're interested in coding specific programming videos, click on the link below to get redirected to the playlist for programming videos:subscribing by clicking on the Subscribe button right below the video.Where to find out more about me:My Video Courses

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