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| Wheres the closet dog shelter!!

Muhammad Hanif bin Zaini

what happen when u come closer??

D Patterson

Dat was good . . . dat was GREAT! 💙


Do a carom battle. (Carom is a game where you flick a striker into pieces and try to get the pieces into nets at the corner of the board

“you should know better.”


Lol I’m in destin right now, cool seein this

North Korean Officers: wait, thats illegal



Trick Shots

For 20 million subs you should tell us who panda is

I have been subbed to you for like 5 years plz don't stop , and if you want to stop ..... then I hope you get something fun to fill your time :)


"Peculiar..." Lol


It didn't come every month in 8th grade, sometimes I wouldn't get one on a month.

Anonymous 1

I wish finals were this easy

Michael Wong

I want to join your team but I'm a kid

Judson The Pro


lilyaana morny

I bet its tammy that controlling Jake


great video as always

Alex Coughlin

Rocking the OVO gear, you know Kuz got the Raps in 5

GamePlay HD

The viedeo ist amaising

Ken Ye

Guru, why would you make that last easter egg is scary? I couldn't breath after those credits.....it was too much for your channel.

Shrugz 9

Great video, music was a little annoying though

Bruno trecemundos

Hard work could be automated by machines software and as a consecuence we can have a reduction on the work/day hours (or work/week hours, etc).

Koko Mmc

Bet 5 bucks that Saw will betray the Jedi for his own gain and will result him losing his mind and leg


This Game Is Freaking AWESOME

Rickie HCA

So with that,AC and WD are in the same universe?

Digletthethird _


Phi Nguyen

garett has the best rocket

Deep Patel

Do an nerf fortnite blaster battle


I'm discussed and I'm not even a feminist.


needs an mlg montage


Nickolas Mcdeemott

Is this edited

Finleigh McClain

were is ty and garret cody??

Robert Miles

Her mama is right (which is odd for a female). Women don't belong outside the home, period. Look at all the fucking feminazis out there and you'll see that I'm right.

Makhado Mphaga

Loooooool i can relate to the guy girl situation..... sooo annoying

Red Balboa

Ohhh wait... what's in KLs resume? Nba champ, finals mvp, all time defensive player, leader in steals. All on LBJs prime, and recently he just shut down Embiid, Butler, Simmons, Giannis and the Bucks, Steph and Draymond. What made you think he cant stop limping KD?

AngryVeganMom 69

plays kazzo

ali 4sry


4% don’t want to get married/do S3X

cortney Ambler

I’m so happy for him

Cooper Hazdrabolics

If u like this... type in notredame4197 to see the future dude perfect kids!!! ITs REALLY GOOD!!!!

Canada Dan

I can’t begin to describe how much this clicks with me.

EXTREME Acids101

Pls release assume



Jorgiena Ramas

Same!!! I was in nursery I started going to school when I was 3 so I had my first crush I always have a new crush every grade😍😍😫😫☺️

Vincent or Vinny

6:30 THE THREE THE THREE IT CAN NOTZ BE'Z I SEE'Z THAT GABE NEWWE'S FACE IN THE DEE BAWKROUND NAW NAW NAW! GABE U TRALL U TRALL LALAL THE 3 THE 3! (later goes to steam connmunity) GABE YOU GAY U LIED TELL'Z ME'Z DEE HALF LAFE'Z 3'Z I NEEDZ IT (later becames a sex slave to gaben with half life 3 but unabled to PLAY IT) NO DEEZ ARE TORTURE GABE U RAPIST STOP! (thats what happens when you figure out gabe already made half life 3 and never used it) plus whats next LEFT 4 DEAD 3 PORTAL 3 TEAM FORRTRES 3 which is VERY popular by the way PLUS who like'z dizz camment? SENPIA NOTICE ME'Z


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