LEGENDARY Total War Speedrun leads to a cornered Lü Bu (outnumbered 2 to 1) - YouTube

I decided to Speedrun Total War to see how fast Chang'an could be captured - on LEGENDARY difficulty!On Legendary you cannot save, one wrong move and its all over.If we lose this battle being outnumbered 2 to 1 the run is OVER... can Lü Bu overcome these overwhelming odds?

Super pranking Time



I hope you help me and subscribe to my channel. I focus on stories of homeless people, and how they live the way they do.

Mahapatra Shashwat

Which song is this, this is an absolute banger

Frying Pan

Hey, its me again. So I discovered that the "HAHAHAAHAHAHA" Graffiti in Gotham (The TV series) Is found throughout the series. An easteregg nodding to the Joker. I highly suggest you watch the series too. (It's on netflix)

Made it out the hood, I still pop out on some gang shit

Ami Flower


joe smith

Trump 2020!!!!

To trigger this easter egg you need to kill Three Dog then Margaret appears, then you need to skip the Galaxy News Radio mission (Don't boost up the signal) after that you need to destroy Raven Rock then climb to the highest point of Raven Rock and turn on the Galaxy News Radio and the following happens: The radio station turn into a number station and if you did it correctly you will hear this: Radio signal lost. ... Radio signal found. , after that you will hear Three Dog talking a very depressed and monotone sounding voice. The rest is up to you guys! And here's the link as well: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_3:_Numbers_Station

The Expose Guy

U guys have too be in NBA

My Sister's friends had 1 kid on aged 14

(army's only understand because it was a V Live ad. even tho i already have it)

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Woah congrats for 42,000 subs you guys are very awsome

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Did you know outback was started in Florida

ninnew J

my cat scratches me

Kiara Remigio

6:57 I had no choice but to protect me and my siser

I am so sorry

Ømega !

1:37 Shouldve called it the "Robin Hood in the hood"

Red Diamond

Well, I think open relationship is okay, just don't get married or have children.. That's.. Uh..

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yall are amazing

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Rip tree

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This song is beast!!

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Did anyone notice that at 6:01 Cody swore

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Britt nicole is the best with DP videos. Besides Royal Tailor

Braxton McGill


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They just don't realize that its hard.

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Jimmy Williams

The new york giants


I call this one the 9/11

Fartun Abdi

Same I don’t milk but I still say green


life if you want school stereotypes

FnW swxfty

Tyler looks like a woodchuck in the thumbnail.


Can you go into all the buildings in deus ex? if so i really like that, it makes the world seem way more realistic and gives it alot more character

Matthew Nuttall

Can I be on dude prefect


I wish the matrix movies never ended, well, now it's legacy is in saints rows hands now.  

Nathaniel Jandinero

lol panda's mask fell off

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Yooooooooooooooo I'm crying I'm so happy. Wthhelllll😊😊😊

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Holy moly, at the time im watching this there is 4233 likes and 8 dislikes


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