Lesson 2 - Python Programming (Automate the Boring Stuff with Python)

Get 80% off the full course from this link: me on Patreon: the print book here: 2 of the online Python programming course for complete beginners. This course follows the "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" book by Al Sweigart, which can be read online at 2 covers expressions, data types, and variables. These concepts are explored further in the book at

Toby Sullivan

Yeah but why don't they add sans to smash bros

Gandalf The White

How can someone love maths, it was my archenemy and made me cry all day and night

LilChickenWing -

When they said that they abused the dogs I started crying I love animals and i don’t understand why people do this

Dennis Potter

you guys should do a pingpong trick shots

Heads merged with our feet-ses!

Alec Flamenbaum

eli manning pls

He said: "I wouldn't like you as my sister anymore."

Eva Sanchez

It's a HYUGE tube.

Your boy Gavin

Re cardino


First (sorry old habit) love these videos

Supergirl 43

no one:nothing at all:absolutely nothing in the universe: Disney: makes Frozen 2

Faith The 4th

It took me 3 minutes to realize that her friend is her anxiety

FunnyM Sparkle

name of song please


I.Like panda

Jaylen Bailey


Ryan Eichem

Where’s Garrett

Mystic Queen

I sort of know how you feel. I went through something very similar in high school, but with two girls I thought were my friends. I revealed to them I had depression and anxiety. They were nice and supportive at first, but one of them soon turned sour and even hostile, accusing me of saying things I never said, even accusing me of applying to a college the other girl was going to for that reason, even when I didn't remember why. THAT was when it became clear to me. I'd given a lot to them and while I was kinda shitty to them by talking about my mental health a lot, putting that on them because I didn't know how to handle my then-recently-diagnosed depression and anxiety, that was still no reason for that girl to be emotionally abusive to me.

Sugashi BTS

Well I already have depression for 3 years I just watched again I have all the symptoms

Bruno Ludwig

Ty and his dad look the most alike


When the gnomes are broken they will speak. Like, is Keanu just going to come into my house at night and take away my ability to breath?!


Sweetie I'm brown. No need to feel like that.


In earlier videos of dude perfect. They don't do too much talking

DonutWorry BeHappy

He’s a star with lots of bucks

me nota

Lars Anderson dos better

Zobaida Khanam

I had a cousin who had deliberately taken a lot of medicines and drugs because our families didn't allow her to be with her boyfriend, then slowly her heart and lungs stopped working and after 4months she passed away. Even though I had been close to her and we shared many memories I didn't go to visit her as I was mad at her for putting herself in that state where she needed life support.


Fortnite has also a soccer/football easter egg


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