Logic Gates and Circuit Simplification Tutorial

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Fun fact concerning 3:25: French casseroles are indeed a thing; one such example is cassoulet. The term "casserole" is even derived from French!

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Take storage container, make more water dynamic with flex tape, add 2 leaf blowers, one per side.

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The human body only needs so much Vitamin C because we eat carbs. Before humans started farming we didn't eat carbs and therefore the need for Vitamin C was low enough for us to survive.


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But what their partner is doing is to get really angry at them over small things, yell at them, degrade them in some situations, always turn the critique on the partner and make them believe that they are throwing a tantrum and are on the wrong. And only when the emotional abuse turns to physical as well the hitting starts. First in a situation of great anger. And after that they will be really sorry. And as time goes on they start to hit more frequently at even smaller things, they will degrade you even further, make you believe that you really deserve to be hit.    

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