Child Being Turned Against You? Part 1

Is your child being turned against you by your ex?In part one of this series I talk about techniques you can use when you still have recurring contact with your children.This video goes over the key risk factors your children face when being emotionally poisoned by their other parent.The discussion will cover your relationship with your child, the personality of your child, and your current iteration via in-person and electronic communication.I will discuss techniques I used to fight this by maintaining a recurring physical contact with my children, how making that connection stronger helps, and how remaining calm and not being trigger by your ex or your child is critical to this process. Find more information at


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I watched these kind of stuffs to understand my sister. I wish i can help her and tell her she's not alone, but im not the type of person that would show how i care abt that person. I don't know if its making any sense to you guys, but no matter how much i care i couldn't bring myself to tell her how much i care abt her. Im just not a social person.

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