Magician Turu Purun Episode 4 English Dub - YouTube

Sweets Valentine

Olivia: Why is Grandma black?

Gabrielle Humphrey



If this is how you felt about the game you obviously didn't understand or appreciate it's purpose. It was a mock of 80's futuristic games.

Melvin Melvinson

nick name dude perfect eprfectely earned


Just graduated and needed this so much.

The reason I didn't make a full video of the game is because most people don't know what the game is, I included them in this because it seemed more people would watch this one. Similar to storybooth but a bit more interesting... XD

Aleksa Smiljanic

Cao kako se zoves

Strider 1 Trigger

1:39-1:43 Oh shooooooot.......


hey ty did u hear about the goldfish that went bankrupt,now he's a bronze fish-SpongeBob

T14 & Redwing

The picture next to the calender dose look like jake and jake is a pug naghtydogs mascot is a pug to and also jakes a naghtydog himself

Jolly o James

I still am watching this in 2017

Philip Bana

So their selling us the campaign we should've gotten in siege

You Loyal

DeepDark Slayer

Is curry in there


no but i can say awesome

Tito Valenzuela

Panda all day and 4 life

Emma_becool 123

He sound like a rubbish boy friend but a good friend.

Judy Chen

This is was dude perfect popular songs

Jackson Michalek

Tom Brady

luna wolf Luna wolfie girl

Guys my age dont know how to treat dont no how to treat lol the song


The Lucky, I want to play Tennis with her 😍😍😍


oh no, I have all the symtoms

Milky milk

Amazing video. It really made me think. Thx 💕

Leon Grant

Yes! I knew you're going to use c418's music for this, good stuff man

Le Lucario

The last one looks like something a rabid brony would make..

Dv Bj

ปุ้ง เเน่นอน

AnimeTV. Nep

Outrageous umpire was the best

Deontae Harper

Ty Cody pit grease on the golden football 🏈


Why does half of these videos involve the hospital?

Patel Nilam

Eating stereotypes

Rhiland Weiss

Isaac, you can't watch dude perfect in 2018 yet


Never grab a girl, just ask her out

Will Hollon

If I made a top ten DP trickshots list then threading the needle would definitely be on it somewhere


Is that Godzilla

Magic Dogs

i want to now who is pandas real name and look like

Amanda Kutz

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Andrew Smith

My name is Andrew Smith and I'm a huge fan of your guys trick shot videos and I think you guys should do trick shot video with the costars of Just Add Magic. Olivia Sanabia, Aubrey Miller and Abby Donnelly

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