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Wendy Davis

That's awesome what you are doing in Africa cory and coby

ok: /watch?v=wU2l_a8Nlog&feature=plcp)

wyatt kirby


GirlyKillerPro 123

Oooooohhh that test I did you were talking about I'm in 5 grade and there were 4 8th graders with me doing the test with me when the answer was obviously A all the 8th graders picked C and I was tricked for about 3 questions and then I was like enough with the nonsense I'm picking what I think is correct and I did and I'm proud of that


1:27 the drivers seat is supposed to be on the right from my perspective but if you were in the car then it should be on the left.

Braydon Lynn

They looked so pale after soul cycle!!!😂😂😂


would you run on Tyler? yes or no?

Joshua C

TY it tied!

Emma Tillman

You should do The Who loses the most weight wins

Stephen Jordan

2019 go dp

CnCF 0878

Only up to 36?! What the ____?! That's so short!


The girl is pissing me off so much. If I meet a girl like her irl I swear I wouldn’t be able to live. People like her annoy the heck out of me. They’re obnoxious, loud, narcissistic, they think they are more entitled and better than all of us, they think they are prioritised for some crazy reason, in general I just really hate people who makes a lot of trouble and drama or those who makes a scene out of everything. More directed to those obnoxious extroverts you see in stories like this. Maybe cause im an introvert, I don’t speak out much and I know how to control my tongue and actions very well I can’t relate to her at all. Tbh the girl was the jerk not the guy. There’s so many things wrong with her, I hope this story is made up since it would be disappointing to know someone irl does act like this


Thank you for raising this awareness. Many us girls are scared to voice out because we are scared to get hurt by that person.

Ryan Johnson

Sexy twerking ty

D Neff

the panda knows it i bet the panda side kick and a knife the panda knows everything!

reema singh

Can you please give me that aeroplane

Tobias Flugt

Holy Jesus


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