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Music video by Manga performing Dunyanin Sonuna Dogmusum. (C) 2009 GRGDN MÜZÿK PROD. ORG. VE MENAJERLÿK SAN. VE TÿC. LTD. ×Tÿ./ SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT TÜRKÿYE TÿCARET A.×.


When you're a boy watching this. Thank goodness I'm not a girl!!!


this video is so pure and wholesome and pure. :')


no floater, barfs acid on you, so spitter boomer.

Speka 73

Your editing is so smooth and awesome it made me want to eat this video....

Hop Snake

3:51 The arrow is already in the target?

Ramisa Rakib


I had a 16 in social studies

Pervy Turtle

baby Phil and Rebecca have the same haircut


Cody is dumb

Joshua Opolski

2:10 why is codes dabbing

German Lazo


Smoker TV


Savage Johnson


Maitri Kapadia

Wait so I’m confused this was about mist and it made people addicted and it was very bad for health k now I’m just thinking it was ment for smoking idk BUT I REALLY LOVED IT!!😱😊

Arnor Andreas

Huch no way

napoleon Simpson

a girl can beat a boy in fight if there smart about it or the boy is small but sorry no girls are not stronger its proven get that proven fact boys have 50% more body wait when there grown up that means strength. So girl power yeaaaaa but no sorry cant deny facts I mean some girls can be stronger but it is no where near the majority


I feel bad for Jeff

Jared Morrow


Jor's Vlog_18



I'm the Rage Monster

Alyssa Bading

I could’ve sworn I heard the speaker’s voice shake occasionally as she told the story and my heart broke😭


Check out my trick shots!(the best one is called, ultimate basketball shots)

Annabelle Rose

3:50 his face I cannt stop laughing

God Father

Turning whites into blacks.


look! its the pedo Barney! :v

SSJ Roger

I'm bouta quit Xbox just because of that pfp. Not dudes can say I have GayBox Live.

Weird Tate 99


Mexico: I hAvE lA pInChE cHaNcLa

Jose Luis Torrente

Horrible pokemons, bad graphics

Raitis Edgarīns Purpurs

Good video I reallly like water its very tasty :)

Rogan Tiger

This is too popular!!!!! Need a part 2 !!!

Define: Define.

@GuruKidHD What server do you play on? also whitelist needed ifso website + ip :)

Jracher Madness



Haha, funny

Shazara Cassim

You guys are the boss

Dustin Colwell

Team Cory

Ricardo Godoy

i think that off them are madre really good

Greg Putnam

That is really cute what they did for Satori

Syed Jafar Tahir

I've never heard so many game of thrones "fans" use the word "arc" so fucking much. 99% of them don't even fucking know shit what an arc is or means.

Also, a tip for people still playing the old AC games: Playing with an outfit like the Raiden one helps you improve on your free-running, because you can see his body better, where he's going to land/latch on to the environment at, what different animations he has when coming into and out of different jumping and climbing situations. You can work on polishing up your free running game when you can see the limbs and animations better.  

maxvlogsninty Reaction

I LOVE ARESNAL😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


NICE খুবই ভয়ংকর ভাই

Aman Cheema

Some of these jump scared did scare me

Burnsy Bros

Where can I get Tyler's hat


Who else wanted Cory to win?


Ngr Catering

Very bad it is very bad

En Xue Yee

you changed the title

Tess de Kleijn


Theo DS

Am I the only one that hates seeing ty win

Webster The Mac

Still waiting on that doctor who easteregg


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