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Trzeci singiel zwiastujący album Małolat/Auer "Transfer". ZAMÓW płytę "Transfer" w limitowanympre-orderze: "Nad ranem" na platformach streamingowych:Nad ranemArtysta: Małolat/AuerTekst: Małolat, Szpaku, Młody SMFProducent: Auer, ŁysyMix/Mastering: Marcin "Kwazar" CisłoAlbum: TransferLabel: TRSFWIDEO:WOW PicturesCAST:Jakub KoziełPatrycja KamrackaBOOKING: koncerty@malolatofficial.plMałolat: FB: FB: Pictures FB: IG: IG: Pictures IG:

aburrito reee

I noticed something. When the singer dies when singing “Remember me”, he dies by a bell. And in the movie “The Book of Life” at the end they get crushed by a bell.i dont know. Mabey its not an easter egg

Srestha Chakraborty

Tingles, tingles and more tingles. Brrr.

Aidan H

There's also a half life easter egg on the mission siblings.

Gabriel Galindo

Cowboys all day

Biron Kenobi

Sées title....

Ayyub Ansari

U guys r amazing...


The editing in this video was so funny, Guru. Keep it up. "You know what they say about big feet. Really expensive shoes." XD Loved it.


At 3:05 / 3:06 you can see half of the Westworld sign on the left, right next to the teen titans. Also the piano on the right is from the saloon in the show.

Alec Arecte

These guys met Paul Rudd holy


I had number 9... which means i want to kill myself..... i dont wanna live anymore and my family dont support me and my friends always call me this words.... i dont wanna live anymore....

Keisuke Miyagi

i want to see a HEAD SHOT

Rafael Koehler

Who is the leader??

Ayden P

Y’all should sign up for the NBA

Jason Mhm

Love team reds accent

Tyler: 16.5


I wand 1000 like

Vajra Dantian

🍕 gate!!!! F&&@&& pedophiles!!!

Savannah Gann

Do board game/game nights stereotypes

Mostafa Awad

Please do it with the scouse(liverpool)


around 10:15

Lucas Rhodes

Overtime??? Not dudetime


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