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This video will explain you about, what is Graphic Design is. I shall be making a series of video where you ll get a basic idea about Graphics Design Theory.Most of us always jump straight to application like Photoshop or Illustrator. But if you have a a basic idea about design theory you ll find the execution of that application more easy. This will going to be a long series, so sit back on your chair & enjoy the show.I have tried to explain everything in a easy way.If you find this video is helpfulplease do like, comment & share with your friends.Subscribe if you if you want to see video like this one in future.Also watch:⫸ ১ ক্লিকে স্কিন স্মুথনিং: সহজভাবে Premier Pro শিখুন: Laptop কিনবেন নাকি Desktop কিনবেন? : Facebook Page: For business inquiry: jamesprincebaroi@gmail.com

Alex V

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Amulya Sanghani

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Christopher F.

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