Mauka Mauka | When India and Pakistan go for a Movie Together | #CWC19 #v7pictures #INDvsAFG

Pakistan warns India of a comeback in this world cup 2019. India has a sweet reply. Watch what happens when India and Pakistan go for a movie together.Predict Man of the Match for India vs Afghanistan Match. Lucky winners will get Movie tickets of PVR CinemasWrite your answer in comment section below#INDvsAFG #CWC19 #v7pictures Subscribe V Seven Pictures :, directed & edited by Vivek JoshiProduced by Santosh singhDOP : Vinay Shetye, Prasad NaikAsst. DOP : Nilesh MoreSound Design : ShrikantSound Recordist : Sandesh shinde

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What is that vehicle?

Silverstone Serenity

Halle Berry is stunning! Also her teeth are gorgeous.


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How the hell did anthony just get curly hair


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Is that a Muslim family

Super Buni

I was diagnosed with depression a few years back. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years. During that time I did and said a lot of things to him that I regret incredibly. Recently bpd has kept popping up and the more I look into it the more I realise the things I've done, said, and the way ive acted to family and friends and my lover are so similar. Its been confusing and scary and I'm afraid of talking to anyone or a therapist. I'm scared of people claiming im self diagnosing. My birth mother has bipolar disorder and shes possibly one of the worst people ive had to meet. I dont want to ever be like her. I'm confused, so much feels different, strange. I dont know where to start or what to do. I want help but I dont want to sound like I'm trying to get attention or self diagnosing. I tried getting a job but ended up losing it because of anxiety and just being god awful at it. I dont know what i should do. Sometimes i think maybe i should just end it and that way i wont have to deal with it anymore. But im too scared to execute any plan.

Judy Debinarain

Film with Liverpool FC

Allan Nelson


Suraj Pathak

Perfect hole in one

Extrañaré tus besos, sé que cada uno fue genuino (Oh oh, fue genuino)


Wait what’s wrong with Maria.

Juan Martinez

Who watching this in 2016?!

It's Poppy

team twins

A quiet night........

Jack Smith

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Hatem Hk

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Family Smith

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hears voices that arnt there, this makes me feel better


big fan

Carson Metcalf

The end was funny


Oh my god, I hate that brat girl -_-


this does help a lot.


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Str8 facts

Creative Gamer 123

There house is SOOOO big


I thought I'd put the Ruffles in the basket at the end.

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Saying "bustin a nut" is bleepable?

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Jonathan Larock

This is a disgrace to the United States

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Team twins won


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I'm so disappointed that the Unleashed series stopped.

Gaming with M

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Ruben Meneses


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Hey Guru,

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Hey guru I love your videos. Keep making them. Like and favorited!

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Brother Hood

That is heart breaking i would be your friend and stand up for you

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You're my favorite character Tyler

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in the books at franklins house theres also a book called American history Y referencing the movie American history X as if its the next in the series

Arsalan Kamal

How can you guys do this kind of unbelievable things?

Austin A

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