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Find maximum sum rectangle in 2D matrix.


LOL min 3:18

IzzyRose LovesBnha

I'm the only healthy person in my family too. My little brother had cancer and weighs more than me. My mom has severe whiplash after we were in a car accident and is a bit overweight. My dad has back problems, some other problems from the army and is also slightly overweight. And here I am. I'm slim, only gets the flu about every other year, got basically nothing from the car crash, and hell, I've never even been stung by a mother fucking bee. I'm the only person in my family thats never been seriously sick or had any problems. It suck sometimes. Especially since my brother has always been the baby of the family. He didn't choose to have cancer, yes, but now that he's done with treatment the least he could do is stay fit. He does nothing, and while I'm over here getting yelled at for being lazy, he's barely passing Physical Ed in school. At least my parents have a slightly better excuse than him. They're old. My mom gave birth twice. It's hard to stay perfectly healthy weight-wise after that. But yeah, I don't know what that rant was, but it's 11:06 at night so I think I have an excuse for being completely retarded night now.


Where’s the lyric guy at?


I like the swinging air attack

Theo Sprague

What's the mortgage on that building like. Jesus christ.....

John Van Riper

Genius. Guru hides Easter eggs in his videos, then makes a video about where they are at so people will go back and watch those videos. On top of that says there are more hidden ones so people who are obsessed will go back and watch more of his videos. Not saying it's bad, just saying it's smart! Love the editing and the videos guru, keep them coming!

Rosada Cantrell

that was awesome! but how?! oh my GOD! just OMG!

Big Time Trick Shots

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Kim Jong Un has joined the chat

Bernhard Schwyn

Who made this is my brother I’m not joking so please like and this is in seven years old and he’s my brother was making this video

JIm Smith

It wud be awesome to film with Gary Bale ...

Wilbert Jordan

yall are the littest boys on youtube

Albert Head

1:30 Or William Tell, even (sigh)! Overgrown chidren. Get a job!

Sophia southforce

That's this sad thing because of trump Americans have no health insurance

The Incredible Toaster

Can’t wait for the sex scene


6:26 how dc fans feel about marvel.😱😅😝😁

G Buchan

How to stop cyberbullying, All the way from somaliland 🇭🇺

Parker Anderson

You are so cool

Robert Reiter


Aliah Villanueva

He looks like tom Holland on some point omyghod!!!

Abbott Answering

c'mon ty

Jaime Pinette

My son's birthday is June 20th. He's also a little Kermit.

Tmiceylanfruit Sari

Toi on hassu

Mlg Dank rc

They changed allot over the years:v


Yohanes Ang8888

Can i get a toy

"I’m speaking of the pursuit of excellence in all things. All things! Presence of mind and devotion to craft. A great artist has these. A great chef. A great master of tea. There’s powerful kung fu in a well-built house or an eloquent letter, but the limit of your imagination is bones breaking and bullets flying." People smoke to get rid of their stress and nervousness, yet they aren't thinking about the people around them..


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