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Kingston Scott

Find out how the pokevirus was created?

Leah The android

erm why is his hair a different color? Wasn’t it black? Now it’s brown and in an completely different style lol 😂

my reply is


The Mad Method

gumball gave a blowjob


Zali 4213

You should do a series where people write in about products they want to buy but not sure if there worth it or actually work so you try them and rate the buy or forget. Just an idea

SarfarazAhmed Khan

i think they edit their videos....just watch closely at 4:20 how the big ball swings down and then up....

She helped me fight depression

WarrenBearden 323

Get fucked call of duty

Kaitlyn Desrochers

Garrett baseball fail for sure lol

Lauren J

This doesn’t seem realistic, I’m a high school student, and I can’t picture students actually behaving that way in school. Like I’ve never heard anybody just straight up point at girl and call her ugly.

BoRn Ace

It's food coloring only ok


That Far Cry 4 easter egg might just be the greatest easter egg I have ever seen in a game. F#cking genius.

#1 Backbone fan

I have Jak x for playstation 2.

Omar F T.

I’ve the goosebumps😍

slurper dubz

He isn’t your best friend if he used you like that he probably saw you and Alice as nothing more as tools

Jeffrey Anderson

When you leave team edge for dope or nope and they get number four and then you get number 5

Sara Kimler


Wild Bill Cee

Good stuff 👍

Victor Visinescu

Cineva roman? Dea like

Lyila two

😱 me too but sometimes no

kikiking11 11


Dawn Hikari


Will Kazarian



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