Motivation For Coding - Is This YOUR Story Too?

What is YOUR motivation for coding?Everyone has a unique reason, and I'd love to hear yours.In this series, I'm going to be giving tons of motivation for developers.I know how hard it is, because I'm there in the trenches with you!I want to learn to code!...and I know you do too!The biggest obstacle in learning coding is the desire to QUIT!!!Don't let this be you!We can go through learning to become a web developer TOGETHER!Rock on fellow CODER!!!! VID WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH! "🌴Top 3 Web Developer Skills of 2018 - Are YOU ready to CODE? [with KING KONG!]🌴"

Stewie Griffin

If no one else on the warriors is making any shots this guy figured he would take one

Henry Oliva



It's fun because the voice of the character your teammate is using is very similar to the Medic in Team Fortress 2, if it's not the same... jeje


What is it called when its not a gold digger but when the girlfriend buys alot of gifts and spoils him for everything and doesn't expect anything big in return but only affection and even just a small card or paper of a letter saying how much they are thankful to have a girlfriend like that but instead literally gets nothing saying he has no money even though a paper and a pen doesnt cost anything. A drawing doesnt cost any thing. Picking a flower from the garden doesn't cost anything. Its the thought that counts and sadly i was that girlfriend who spoiled my boyfriend in the past. And never even received a thank you card.

Aadeesh Nargotra

Why is Tyler so serious in this one! This was the most boring video of dude perfect I have ever seen! Did not expect this from you guys!


huffington post confirmed that it was fake so stop jacking off to these guys

The girl doesn't deserve to experience all of this,

chloe reese

they are almost at 10mil


philly from america

Apex gaming

A yeet

Paige Kavert

1:48 Alex is your neck ok?

Maisarah Saman

Manchaster united

The Gaming Foot

Wow. Just wow....

Kaden Spanninger


Kaylee_ Vlogs

The first it's a girl is very offencive to me people tell me I can't play basketball

Turn around1045

Who wants th rams or the Patriots to win comment


17.5 Seconds so close!!!


0:58 he was sweeping the air so he didn't kick dust up all over the set


Ha, ha, ha. That mysterious pink hat. Anyway, nice idea. I hope someday, someone can make a real one.

Hasi f

Ty you grerazi

Danny BOII

same just same Austin: is brave and smart and the king

bro yo

Can you do vape trick


Poor, sweet highlighter.... MIIIIIKEEEEE!!!😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😱😱😱


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