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Wait so he's on the news after saving the bus in London. This is shot in America. Are they like 3 days late with the news in America?

Moon Playz

Omg...Im crying...


Who else thought there was gonna be gay p*rn on the computer

This is the first time i have opened up xxx

Black Shadow Wu

Dylan is a loser

Freddy Garibay

I like the cowboys also

Do not be deceived.

Steven Pantelis

@NavySeal781 you guys like had one from far awaya and shot it seperat they mixed it together and made that

Cayde-6 Hunter Vanguard

Way to go Coby🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🎳🎱🎾🏈🏀⚾⚽⛳🏌🎣🏂⛷🎯

crystal roberts

You should have a video with the herlum globe trauters in a world record contest

Thomas Christensen

Did anybody else see Ty’s shark smile at the camera


im beter

Agne Paliunyte

Hip hip hooray This person can judge people cancer isn't just for old people what about all the kids take for example Ireland's hospital of Crumlin are tons of children there and now that we're on the topic of Crumlin my class as you're not fundraiser to help the children from when we raised €1,562 I hope it can help all the children and their parents to afford accommodation

Matteo Pompili

Anyways, the hotel was actually named Overlook, not Outlook; just like the jacket

Brandy Brown

Team coby

Mom:ITS tHaT FuCkInG pHoNe

Nadia Danielle

You're a witch Elsa!And your patronus is a horse?

can i change my name youtube??

you s u c k

Kira ForLifexX

I'm only 12 but, here in Mexico there are a lot of teens pregnant, and I think they are increasing. I don't know how they do that being so young. But still some friends have asked me "What would you do if you were pregnant at this age?" When I first heard that question, I freaked out. How were they asking me that? I am only 12 and I'm bit considering in having a baby soon! Or in having sexual relations soon. That question didn't let me sleep for about 2 days, because I was thinking in what I would do. I decided that I would tell my boyfriend, take the responsibility and be the best mother I could be. And that I would do that with or without my boyfriend, but I was still curious about what my he would say so I asked me and his answer shocked me "Well, we would have to take care of that baby to begin" I was shocked because most of the boys would be cowards and run away, but he wouldn't. I don't think I will do it anyways, but if I ever do and get pregnant I'm happy to know that baby would have both parents with him/her.


Hole in one

play gamer 101

You must be invisible to die

Ava's World

Ty where you a lumberjake once?

Leogia Segi

my favourite bottle flip was the guy with the beard and did a bottle was on the basketball and it landed in the table.that was my favouriteone

jesus manuel pantoja montes

Eres el Mejor Bunny oisteee lo dice el Mono Rasta

Princess Gonzalez

Fortnite can suck my inverted pnis


Jaiden : I serve QUALITY stuff. Only the finest.

Leela_ _Steele

I’m definitely on the heavier side, I’m 110 pounds and it makes me feel sad and embarrassed so I’m trying to lose weight.

Keith: do you think OJ did it? 👕🍺

Joshua Bell

With an hdpvr or a capture card

Fortnite HD Gameplay123456789


beast gamers


Zariah Lamden

Watching 2k18. Snorted out my eggs on my phone whilst watching

Maia Riley

anorexia is a DIE-T true

Mary Lynch

Get my life back

Char Kool

I just watched this I am crying in tears :( I have lost a family member and it's hard

Sophia Redwood

But like... how do you say no without coming out as a total jerk?! I never learned how...

Marshmelow Dude

I have an RC car

Gacha_cookie 13

Title = story of my life ;-;


65m+ views for dumb video? But i think for this one, everyone can do it..

Madden Wolverine

Do a milk flip challenge

Eli Zabel

I was 7 months old when this vid came out

Pink guy

3. zerg rush. it not o it opera logo

Horse Joint

best ending ever, 10/10

Craig Brown

guys get 100 ponds of playdo and blow it UP!!


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