Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass" PARODY - YouTube

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Michaela Yleizah

At first I thought the sigh thar said therapist said the rapist

Me: * walks over to get a bag of Doritos *


THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST VIDEO I SAW FROM THEM!!!! (like if you love dude perfect)

Angel Menjivar

Another amazing Easter egg video from Guru <3


#YIAYjob writing the YIAY book


Hey Guru, were you going to do a video on all of the Black Ops 3 Zombies easter eggs when the rest of the DLC comes out? Adoption is an option.

Jeniel Salumbides

Egg scarmbler? More like EGG BREAKER

Strange Purple

Omg clickbait it was a dream

Vishak Ramesh

Dude perfects least most popular video :(

אלון חזיזה

0:04 well now she is


Lame but interesting

Digital Cyclone

i love how the music is so upbeat while the video is the story of a kid who literally almost fucking died

Susan Valtman

And that suspension happened what like 5 years ago. So stop holding on to the past. Because it doesn’t even madder any more so stop bringing it up.


Lola Moore

2:29 lol


Nice that probably hurts at 90 mph



Renz DJ


drew at patrick at deniel gaming triple boy gaming

Who watching on 2019


47 pts is empty calories? please


Dat Run the Jewels tho

Ricardo Meme is Challenged

Am I a billionaire now?

Mr. Nope

Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good

Mario Luigi

I would probably be the Treadmill Sprinter

Did they whip her with his belt?

honelyn de roxas

i like world record edition

Toy King

I'm from Brazil. 🇧🇷

cricket everything knowledge CET

who's watching this in 2017

Suzanne Hunt

Also try harder to make cry I think I’m literally made of stone

Eric Johnson


The chatty dude

Captain_ Aussie

Ok a you guys are using force


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