mBot programming for kids Part 1: How to Program a Robot. Toy review. mBlock. makeBlock. EV3

Programming for kids. Programmable robots. Coding is fun. STEM / STEAM Education for kidsRoboToyReviews: MBOT programming Part 1: How to Program a Robot for kids. Programming using mBlock.Programming a robot to turn the motors.robotoyreviews@gmail.comRoboToyReviews by Mannu and SannuHow to program an MBOT. Mbot programming for kids. How to code a robot for kids. Makeblock.We love Makeblock. Robotics for kids.Pragramming for kids,learn coding,code a robot,robot,toy review,kids,mbot,mblock,learn programming,coding is fun,fun,RoboToyReviews,programming lessons,coding lessons,robotics,robotics and coding,best,the best,mannu,sannu,robotics for kids,coding a robot,toy robot,toy,toys,review,reviews,how to code a robot,how to program a robot,what is robotics,what is robotics for kids. EV3robotoyreviews@gmail.comRoboToyReviews by Mannu and Sannu

Evie Higgins

Do not press read more!!You little rebel I like you!!😂

LoganTheRandom One

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Trasa Diem

y does it say old if it was made in 2014


Love the use of the instrumental version of Daydreamer by Radiohead ;)

Eric Guerrier

Who’s watching this when their more popular

Mar Dub

Make sure I can use force choke in this game it's my favorite move thanks

Catphone 53

Poor panda I’m crying for him


Team Coby!

Lemoner Lime

the cool thing is that in the hitman one the guy that runs out of the room saying something weird is actually speaking hungarian. my home language

Siddak Singh

Who is inside the panda

Tomato Boi

"so which one of you?


have i met a psychopath:Well some of my friends sometimes call me one I'm lacking emotion thats really all

In Indonesia 👌

Raymond Li

i tripped and made a fullcourt shot! plz watch would appreciate and leave ideas for next or future videos!

Area_ 21

Stephen Curry

Ashleigh Van Niekerk

I know how u feel my grandfather died when I was only 5 years old nd we were very close to each other

Daniella Boy

Rug is obviously going to be the name Gucci I mean he is wearing a Gucci hat !

somerandom dude

Lol nice Easter egg find.

Carinzia Camilleri

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Gaming_Muffin YT

Plz make more video's .

Darius Marian


tevin tevin

i love your videos

Fuzzy Barbarian

Elsa is gonna go find herself a mentor. And what will he say? "Where is your super suit?!"

Timothy Pestka_4222745

4:45 WII Sports

Christel Ruhle

Team Coby all the way one day will be his day to rise up and win a battle and he will beat Cody in the finals.

TheDuck Side_

Wait a minute I’m 65 kilos and 13, I think have I lot of muscle i mean I do train a lot

Imrane Hajdari


CyclerTeam Officials

Did he called her "luna thicc"

Yeaa more work on find easter eggs and montage that and add music and explain that wow What's wrong with her hand??


South Park

Jack Mullin

Film with Tom Brady

fixie skid

panda die after dropping down from the tree (head chop off)

Will Paz

Just the beat makes me know that this song is finna be fire 🔥 well don’t polo g

Colby Toner

I love your videos but I loved the videos on your old channel more when you put that amazing music in them why don't you put music in your videos anymore?


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