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Mhuri yeMDC yoenderera mberi ichionekana naAmai Vimbai Tsvangirai Java avo vari kutarisira kuradzikwa mangwana kuGlen Forest Memorial Park.Originally published at -


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Mary B


Lord Double U

I just finished a conversation with my friends on how annoying kids are and then this was in my recommended. Is this a sign?

Minj Killer


Brady Eldridge

i love this

Jack S

guru I think crazy film maker stole some of your video clips from dr3,if you look on machinima respawn and his latest easter egg video on today 1/12/14   you can look into it further I don't see any credit towards or I might not be looking this might be false info. but i saw the video and I new that it looked like yours he stole some of the breaking bad easter egg part and some of the slappy easter egg he also has the same easter eggs as you did Just to let you know 

Rusty Bandit

the cake is a lie. -glados


I had 8 of the symptoms but not in the past 2 weeks, it was in a period of my life last year, where I really felt like I had depression back then, who knows, maybe I did

That's what I get when I hear this theme music.

Tom Sievers

Watch Trick Squad Part III, it will make you lose yourself

Joseph Swanson

I've been having these symptoms for 4 years now without it stopping and therapy hasn't even helped and it feels like there is no way out

Liam Shea

Do a giant football game.

Owen Keckler

I love turtles 🐢

Kevin Burgos

You suck infinity ward is cooler then you

Me: my ❤️ loves a team

DeloS KicH

Ищешь русский коммент? Вот он я...


All these talents... and these guys ended up as youtubers??

Its_your_boy_gaz PEWDIEPIE is the best


kushal kuppila

Compare 2018 dude perfect with that of 2012 dude perfect its like evolution from human to monkey

Harjyot Kaur

cody or tyler


There's a massive difference between vegetarian and vegan on one side, and whole food plant based on the other. The latter IS healthier. The former is just for ethical reasons. You need to eliminate oils, eggs, dairy and all refined sugar and flours to reap the benefits.

Swaty Singh

I don’t like the browns but what if they drafted him!

Gacha Angel

if that happened to me I would have wanted to die


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