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Aux Tex

amk adamlardaki eğlenceye bak bir de bize bak anasını skym böyle kaderin...

M&R []

60% of the time rudd hits every time

My dad doesn't believe in mental health.


Ur vids are awesome, also the ea one lmao

Julien Chavez

The sad thing is that I understood all of these....


Funwithguru you deserve much more subscirbers

Imran Malek

Nice vid - just letting you know that it's the overlook hotel not the outlook hotel from the shining.

Pro Gamer




Everyone i talk to say lose weight or deal with the insults

Diego Gonzalez

Imagine dude perfect passing pewdipie and t-series


Guru you rock

Shameka Hockless

I was trying but they were sold out Me and my siblings was crying

asmr gav and na

Did chan chan actually quit


When all you needed was the thumbnail 😻

Jacob Bronson Guy

remi gaillard can do this with a soccer ball

Simple Maker

The only thing is, sometimes, those people you've elected, misuse their power as lawmakers, representatives etc etc for their own benefits and stuff COMMENT: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

Ramón Rivera Fireside

if this ends in her converting him im going to burn minutevideos to the ground. the concept of it

Leticia Pazuch

Ho may got

Riva Monga

This person is the voice of kwan from office love lol

Shalev Ashush

I feel your pain...

Benedict Etrigan

I cry for you man 😭

Charlotte Leu

I thought it was checkers

Annabel Hannan

this goes unnecessarily hard

King Drados

Lions 4 LIFE

Dylon Doak

How did ty and gar not get dq


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