Visual Basic .NET - TabControl - Parte 16 (Curso VB.NET 2010 & 2012) - YouTube

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Jason Basson

Ho broke your eggs ty


dad: you are too young to have one


Subbed, Nice Channel, i can from your Glitching channel :)

Joaquin Soltero

Stereotypes ftw

Shriman Maheshwari

2:13 see tyes face 😂😂😂😂



Can you please explain the shoting the coin egg in hitman I do not get it! Also ( if you all ready havent you should do easter eggs in the sly coooper games.

Wheelz 116

I have both, I am only 15, people generally think I just make excuses, but I've been having these disorders effect me for the past 5 years


Jack Aldridge

Sorry for your loss... 🧡 You shouldn’t worry about us, take care of yourself. I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now 😞

Krazy Syco

Minclip be like

Corn Prices

the absolute disrespect from the crowd is just astonishing

Le Monde D’Alex

keep the two

Can someone explain why it was bad?


I went to college for the wrong thing..

The Nightingale

Tom!!! :D <3333


That song from the first zombie trilogy is the one from the black ops zombies

Wbeast _147

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Micah Dalton

Gucci gang,Gucci gang,Gucci gang.

Bobby Romadan

I hope many player has pension can back and play this game again... Like year 2015-2016...

Burning Janitor

After the burial

Mattie Sheldon

#YIAYjob Furcon Venue Co-ordinator (voluntary)

Liliana Dinelli

Did anyone else notice the Dude perfect symbol looks exactly like jake Paul’s??

Chris MacDonald

You guys are freaking nuts

(Best englishu👍



eu que mando

Justin is a red ranger!!!!

gerard way at the romance disco

Kids react to


Wait mordor is in Holland! O...m.....g..

OTP Mitico

There are more easter eggs, like the Fed Ex box

Psychopath:breaks in

Slimey Bandit

Idk y but I started DYING Laughing when I read this title 😂😂😂

eyja fjalajokull

the runner 2 guy : you saw him too ???

You're damn good at hiding things like that, I mean, I would've never found the frank ocean cover but the moment you zoomed on it I was like HOLY SHIT ITS FO, and the way you edit things in is AMAZING feels like it was there all along in the movie/game, I love your work Guru, it's so good :)

Love, Melanie

it's KAra- te. Not karatie. look up the pronunciation cuz yall is really pissing me off.

Ginger Clay

Wert ty


Halle Berry scoville unit is Fifty Billions.


Shae Naidoo


•mj •playz•

I don't know if I have OCD but if I touch something with 1 hand I HAVE to touch it with the other. And if I hear e or y or see them I need to see or hear a different letter besides e or y. Same with typing. And if I hear any form of 5 I need to say 6 or something in my head. I really hate 5 idk why. I have a lot of other things that bother me like this.

Naman TGG

They wasted so much French toast

I really wish I could be just sad sometimes, like other people

Carter Griffith

1:26 worst thing that ever could happen. I had a monster walleye and the line snapped! I screamed


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