Building a 4-node Raspberry Pi Cluster

How to build a Raspberry Pi cluster and manage it using Python.=== Hardware ===PiRacks kit: Software ===Raspbian: IP Scanner: Wybiral


coz it probably has a dent in it

but i am a great halo fan and so is many others...

HJ reeger

Omfg 43 lol

Jacob soo Marc and Pierre are my friends

The backward sac toss

houston adkins

5:24 rage monster

Víctor Creed

This is just a flashback

Owen Robertson

Congrats mate 👍 all the best to the three of you !


14:37 i will be funny if Kojima keep the jump scare at that part of the broadcast

Kelly Rojas

And this is why I’m an Equestrian and love riding horses

neko nekic

Something isn't working for me in this ne sais looks star war-ish.

Dangerously Safe


No Thx

Me : mom a guy is trying to broke intu our house

Po Po

I love you guys

Carlos Henryck Cezar

Fake fake

Ñøva Møøñ

Kids like me should not have these feelings why world do you have to do this?


do it from the tallest tower in the world. That one in Dubai


Oh... I guess in Your Name when taki was drawing was technically asmr... Huh....

cheher klai

Nice vidéo :) but i want minecraft raster eggs plsssss

Kath Jane

im also adopted but my family are too filipinos, i hated them but years passed now im a teen age 16 ... i realized all this years how much they loved me and support me and my future ahead. now im planning to be a nun thanks to their support they help me grow as a true christian until now your story inspired me to love them more . God bless


i perfer android cuz you can literally do anything on it

Kailey Luong

I never knew you could have open relationships?

Nick Brown

At 3:00 am I the only only who sees that the hammer is in the wall

Noah Losch

Kinda giving me an X, Juice, and Swae vibe

Melanie Conn

whoah damn that crocodile scared the shit out of me.

Rob Knox

The truth about dude perfect is they delete the ones they miss and put the ones that theymake on the video

Just a Boi

Anxiety friccin sucks

Alexis C

Cigarrette? Smoking

King of Diamonds

oh man, republic commando was so awesome... until the through a wall at the end. I wish they would continue it.

kiernan mccleerey

A true jem

p.s. i unsubed from him not beacuse he started playing overwatch, but because he started to act very factitiously

ITZ_ERIC VidzChannel

Dude perfect what is your country my country is amarica


Jada P



Bass pro Egypt edition

Sunitha Singh

Where is another members

Hunter of hunters *

What is this video?? I did not understand disliked

Makimodoshi wa dekinai

Udin Udun

In real life trik shots

Veniece 0310

Put them back into the seeeeaaaaaaa

I am really sorry and I can truly understand how much that hurts🙌🏼

ธนภัทร งามพันธ์เวชชะกุล


Jason Adkins

T you the man

CFM - Clash Funny Moments

If you passed out how are you telling this story?

Faisal Rahma

Where is part 3 last episode was part 2

Malik Rath

If climate change doesn't exist America, then why build it?

skoL_ ghian

YT literally put it on my recommended 10 yrs later

Reily Lopez

If only they knew what GoFundMe was

modern tech

All the shots are best butThe twin spin is very favourite shot


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