How Much of the Earth Can You See at Once?

My shirt is from this quarter’s CURIOSITY BOX: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: to Mitchell for the jack-in-the-box! fractal dimension video: video: to horizon calculator: curvature calculator: cross section: Kelly ISS earth pic: of large numbers: surface fractal dimension: research pancake study: State flatness paper: floss article on flat states: Islands: What If? bowling ball Earth: Virginia map: Earth as smooth as a billiard ball? rules: ball surface scan paper: state people think of as flat: limit:What’s That? of view: diameter: cap calculator: of sphere seen from distance calculator: Earth as a disc: high to see the curvature of Earth? from moon pics: magnitude calculator: distances: of stars with resolved images: figures by me3d animations by Eric Langlay from Jake Chudnow: Audio Network:


Well, now what!? Kawhi didn't shut down KD, even on a bad wheel... but it's all moot! I think it should be clear... Max isn't worried about Kawhi getting the credit... he just wants to fuel the fire of hate for KD!

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/watch?v=jT3s-aQ4k0o < check it out !

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This was great

please sub :(

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Bootsy Dog

I want a raptors win but tonight I think 109-107 warriors

# cringe

Man I would've died. Inspirational.

Keira Braun

You are an editing wizard

XBL ohhRodney

When he threw it, I couldn't find the goal. xD

marwan khaled

good work keep it up 

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poor unicorn

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Khemo therapy isn't saving alot of you, it's killing, it's not due to cancer you lose your's khemo therapy. Your not sufcating due to the fact you took a dose of khemo and it was cancer, it was khemo therapy. There is hope, not with khemo therapy. Everyone deserves a chance to be saved.Khemo therapy will kill you , if it can kill 9 out of ten people, it shall kill you. Ik alot of y'all are reading this and think I just don't like medicine, I love medicine, takes away my cold, But ik a person who died after a doctor who most likely cheated during nursing school, gave a child an overweihged amount of khemo.My best friend is dead. Be wise about how you choose to help yourself. Don't put your lives in somebody's hand who can't handle it. 😘 To all those with cancer...I wish you the best luck of your treatment, my father's a doctor and save s life's everyday, I hope to do the same. Like the saying takes one to know one, be careful who or what you trust.

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I found that last one by mistake when i played bioshock and i had a mini stroke


i gave the 5500 like :)

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Rest In Peace old guy

9 year old army genareal

I love this video

Yes, Its brown I dunno why but still its cool.

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A food stereotypes

Central Perk

You will... God has the perfect time❤️

she did it again tho! i was so mad at her but she lied and said no i didn't!!!!.

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you hear a sound and hide in the blanket because you are drunk

Hey It's Him

YouTube: We will allow this because this is for kids.

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idiot i sent a message to the guy about a secret cheat code read before you talk dimwit

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4:41 i thought he was a red head, that means a red/orange hair color not black xD

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Tony is Cheater

Spirtzy 2003

AXN said it is real

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Guru, I was wondering if you knew of any fulfilling and informative gta 4 Easter egg videos. Thank you so much.


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