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Watch & Enjoy "#InkemInkem" full video song from #GeethaGovindam.Geetha Govindam Starring #VijayDevarakondaRashmika Mandanna. Music Composed by Gopi Sundar, Directed by Parasuram, & Produced by Bunny VasUnder the banner of GA2 Pictures.Movie: Geetha Govindam Banner: GA2 Pictures Producer: Bunny Vas Director: Parasuram Music: Gopi SundarCast: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika MandannaSarrainodu Telugu Video Songs : Telugu Video Songs : For More Telugu Full Movies: For More Telugu Video Songs: us : us : us On :

Philipp Märkl

thats just cameraskills

Tommy Allen

Where is cody

Ravindra Chavan


Talk Show Studios

Axl that’s awesome I’m expressed

Vincent Loya

2:03 I didn't see the movie. But I know this one from scary move.


the first one is thy greatest!

Crest Fire

"Hey what did you do today?" "oh I just broke 10 to 11 records thats all". LOL

Animal_queen 333

For all the people saying “ohh no it’s TOTALLY different when u have a kid your self or adopt one” so say your friend was adopted your parents would love you more re parents loved them or felt different NO my friend was adopted you think everyone and his parents are gonna treat him differently NO. (unless there to dumb to face the fact that we are all the same no matter what’s is done to you we are all human) so who ever is saying it’s totally different it’s not there still a kid they are still human they may not be the same colour,same accent( if you have one),same eye colour WHO GIVES A FRIKEN CRAP we are ALL humans and all matter I would not care if I adopt or don’t I just care if they are themselves so to all you who are saying oh no it’s not the same you are so selfish we ALL matter no shut your mouths before someone adopted comes and read all of your comments saying “DONT ADOPT ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THEN HAVING A NORMAL CHILED” how would they fell NOW SHUT YOU MOUTH IF YOU CAN FAVE THE FACT WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!😡

Mekail Fahd

they haven't still introduced elsa's girlfriend in this trailer. I wish they'd show her in this trailer.

And there are a lot of men that dont care either. So wrong.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA F*CK YOU. YOU HOMOPHOBE, look at me I don't support lgbt, but I respect them.

G-teck Ugonabu

Where is Clint???

Corny Boy

Meow meow meooow meow

Jay Conner

Pretty sure ty almost threw one of the twins onto the ladder accidentally instead of in the water


No I’m not crying.



I just found out these guys are all hardcore bible thumping pussies with a massive hard on for Jesus Christ and that they all met because they wanted to form a group strictly comprised of Jesus lovers so they could all get together and circle jerk to the gospel. I commend them A LOT for keeping that garbage the fuck out of their videos. I think they know it would be a death sentence to their HUGE subscriber count.

Casey Foote

do a overtime

Kenslee McNeil



The dabbing Easter Egg made me reconsider about picking this game up.

Tropical Gamer

And there I was in a fake video

Leah C

I'm so glad that you guys had a wonderful experience, but seeing all this just cements in my mind that if at all possible I want to avoid that level of medical intervention if I ever give birth.


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