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Hachime Abou

Freaking awesome

IzzyRose LovesBnha

I'm the only healthy person in my family too. My little brother had cancer and weighs more than me. My mom has severe whiplash after we were in a car accident and is a bit overweight. My dad has back problems, some other problems from the army and is also slightly overweight. And here I am. I'm slim, only gets the flu about every other year, got basically nothing from the car crash, and hell, I've never even been stung by a mother fucking bee. I'm the only person in my family thats never been seriously sick or had any problems. It suck sometimes. Especially since my brother has always been the baby of the family. He didn't choose to have cancer, yes, but now that he's done with treatment the least he could do is stay fit. He does nothing, and while I'm over here getting yelled at for being lazy, he's barely passing Physical Ed in school. At least my parents have a slightly better excuse than him. They're old. My mom gave birth twice. It's hard to stay perfectly healthy weight-wise after that. But yeah, I don't know what that rant was, but it's 11:06 at night so I think I have an excuse for being completely retarded night now.

Cheyenne Bonds

Idk if I’m more pissed about the toaster or the vacuums


U guys r awesome


hmm judging by the size of dat console it looks like a ps classic

hashir mohammad

@lrqgrft i agree one of my top 10 ALSO! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while >>>\P89o6Q

I luv Pizza

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Music 4 You

0:52 garnet and black pride


So basically Rainbow Six Siege Zombies, CoD's done that over 10 years ago, thanks.

Vine lovers know this.

Shawn Bishop

Texas roadhouse is way better yall are crazy

hannaisa gomez

Yo anaisa

Victoy Yin

I got an ad longer than the video

Emma-Lee Hogan

Omg I love Tim McGraw!

deoo iopg

Why did I only get this notification now?😂

Blackout The Bot


Furious Fox

im mr pants, my friend is the football player

Tyler Finney

She looks like zarya from overwatch

Ragu shesh

Trick shots with Garrett Bale

Hasan 54123

Where did the stick bit of the sledgehammer go???🤔🤔🤔

Jace Puckett


yessica yess


Esteban 585 Hernandez

fun fact we upload

ryennjay abag


Prismarine Warp

Almost to 10,000,000

Ejal Nvt

I suggest nutmeg in the mushed potatoes :)

Happy Chin

Who else was crying too?

Pickle Games


Thanos: *the hunting rifle


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