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Great compilation of relaxing Bar Jazz Classics.Stream/Download here: out PART II of our Bar Jazz Classics by New York Jazz Lounge here: UPLOAD: Vocal Jazz Classics: All of Me (Gerald Marks/Seymor Simons) 00:0002. The The A-Train (Billy Streyhorn) 04:3003. Al theThings You Are (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein) 08:1504. Satin Doll (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorne) 11:4905. Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard) 16:5206. Autumn Leaves (Jodeph Kosma/Jacqes Prevert) 21:0607. My Romance (Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart) 26:2008. Take Five (Paul Desmonds) 32:0509. How High the Moon (William Morgan Lewis/Hancy Hamilton) 35:4410. The More I See You (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon) 39:1411. Someday My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill/Larry Morey) 42:5812. Don't Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington/Irving Mills) 46:38More Bar Jazz Classics? Click here: it on iTunes:SUBSCRIBE HERE : the Jazz and Blues greatest hits ! ♫ JazznBluesExperience is your channel for all the best jazz and bluesmusic. Find your favorite songs and artists and experience the best of jazzmusic and blues music. Subscribe for free to stay connected to our channel andeasily access our video updates! ♫ Facebook FanPage :


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