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Tord Åke Larsson

What is a quadriplegic

Snow Assoufi

Wait if she's homeless then how did she submit the story?

mafuz uddin

dude perfecto 

Anna Vassilkov

1:42 SSSSS——pecial

Hardeep Kaur

I love you guys but I dont like your game

Wolfycat Yt

Her hair was like plus the stuff isn’t coming from mexico it’s coming from the other direction plus if there is going to be a wall they can just walk over other places and get there also the United States is a darn island by itself I hope this doesn’t last long because at this point I gave up on life what’s the use of living if history repeats itself over and over again it’s a endless cycle constantly repeating and we are stuck in it only a few things are keeping me right now and at this point it’s fading away fast I really can’t take this anymore let’s just hope we all make it through without another war having to take place but that won’t happen even if we have peace it won’t last forever but I wish it did. Also thanks for reading my pointless meaningless comment


Never saw the old bond movies but damn Sean Connery rapped everyone lol.

Tasty: LeTs MaKE sOmE NoOdS (nudes)

Mario R

fucking love you dude, I been with you for a long ass time. And I will stay with you. Congrats on 500k :D

Nolan Thomley

2:07 ty is me

Donated Mocha

those video is 9:11 long

Sea Lily

Anxiety never really goes away. Its learning to choose whether to listen it or not.

Aiden Leahy

145 is my highest score

ThePeople AndPerson

You’re at copper mountain! My home ski place

Nebster 9000

Do a nerf war battle


Jhuehue Xiong

yo dp I have all your dp toys

Marc Gallagher

My girls (6 and 7) think you need a zipline, a jacuzzi and a pool. I think it all looks amazing!

Marith Luteijn

I am crying

active cinematic

use tracer arrows to see them... better

That house is poison.

Exclusive Gaming

Come to my channel for amazing fortnite clips

Tushar Patel


Abu bakr Fayaz

But I thought Anna killed the camera man in the last trailer!

What do you think this is creative mode

Tony Morcos

Christiano Ronaldo

Unsouled Gaming

pause at 2:09 the most awkward face tyler made

milky tears lps

i feel like crying this is so sad :( im not joking

zenaida rodriguez

one of the best bops of 2019 🔥!!


My crush rejected me and told me...... "RUN"

anass awadh


Isabela Villa

In the end they look l ih ke the cool kids in the hallway. am I right?

Coleman Tranum


Simon Digger

This easter egg is pretty cool and all, but god why it has such low detailed textures and shitty movement.


Who thinks ned forrester is Panda?

Super Hoek Kids

Cory: "Did I just lose a battle in real life

Anastasia Manivannan

Ignore let the haters hates.You are beautiful and in and out .What goes in one ear for mean words about you must go out.God bless kids or people who are bullied.Stay strong

akash hegde

Fuck Justin bieber as nathan drake?? LOLOL!

Kyle Lehigh

you forgot the guitar and the other tears that have popular songs' audio emanating from them!

Nerijus Žukauskas

One more impossible raid for Division 2 :/

Mark Iplier

Paul's hair is legendary 😂😂😂

In order to be a gay boy, you must be feminine.    

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