Node.js partout - Cristophe Porteneuve - WEB2DAY 2017 - YouTube

CHRISTOPHE PORTENEUVE - FOUNDER & CTO @DELICIOUS INSIGHTSDepuis sa sortie en 2009, Node.js a émergé doucement… jusqu’à conquérir franchement le monde des gros sites « enterprise » à partir de 2014, au point qu’il est aujourd’hui devenu incontournable. Node.js, c’est pratiquement tout le Fortune 500, nombre des plus gros services en ligne, mais pas seulement : c’est aussi au cœur de la pratique web front, au cœur de la révolution des applications multi-plateformes : desktop, mobile, consoles, robotique, aérospatiale, IoT…Node.js est aussi l’écosystème et la communauté qui connaissent les plus fortes croissances annuelles, et ce depuis plusieurs années continues, avec des chiffres hallucinants.Cette présentation vise à réveiller celles et ceux qui n’ont pas encore Node.js fermement au centre de leur radar technique, et à élargir la perception qu’en ont les autres, laquelle se limite souvent à « serveurs web + npm ».Always bet on JS.—————————The Web2day festival is 3 intensive and festive days dedicated to digital trends and innovations.It’s a unique opportunity to meet with European startups, investors, media, influencers, big corporates in an exceptional setting and a relaxed atmosphere. En savoir plus sur le Web2day et réservez vos places pour la prochaine édition : Web2day est un événement organisé par La Cantine :vidéo : Réalisation, Motion design & Scénographie : MstreamOriginale by Jasper Louise à Stereolux

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Life lessons with ty, DONT BE A HACKY SACK, BE A BOUNCY BALL.

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pff- I know that story!

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Wtf I had these ( besides 2 ) for a wile now

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I truly like this series because I just so happen to be very intrerested in Easter Eggs so keep it up bro!

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Why did Cory wear that thing

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OMG your voice is so sexy <3

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is the guy with the small eyes cory or the big eyes cory

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I believe in you cody


The first Easter egg is a Team Fortress 2 reference

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OMG the video 😂😂😂

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How do you find this stuff?


Finally some good fuckin content, more stuff like this pls

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Coastal Florida native here

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it should be about food

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Please do more music eggs


Pt 2?

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@vvr2 lol wow thats hilarious

Me again: *Saw rosary*. I'm safe

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I dont really have deppresion (just anxiety) but my parents always compare me with other people, girls specifically. Im a really closeted person and dont like to talk much and my parents are always mad at me when Im like that. Whenever I randomly start crying like when I get nervous, they get mad, when a car sorta hits the car im in, they get mad. It really hurts me.

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you should do bf1 if there are any on there.

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all of these videos r AEWSOME!!

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@grantpaterakos I agree, why the hell... would he have a gun.

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Who is panda



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like coby fans


I was really hoping in the end he would sing “WE’RE LIIIIIIIVE... unlike Rent”

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It was like this was a reality tv show

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Hannibal lecter

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24 bounces i put it in slow motion

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When will Dude Perfect upload Fortnite Trickshots?

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So u saying the purpose of our life's is to be happy to find our happiness.!!!! Is that it.!??


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