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Humanist 101

threesome 😂😂

Sir_ Crook

Would be better if anyone knew the games ....

Raya Olson

The adopting it will still be a piece of you because you raise it and you make it apart of you

Syko Gaming

Tyler is beast

Abaseen Khan

How the balls were spinning in the air!!🤯

the level of pain was 6-8 and thats alot for me being 9 at the time

kenny primatya

Try monas shot in indonesia

Charlie Cantrell

I live there

Jared Hussey

Beat the whole game

Trying Cherries

That first

Golden Queen

Everyone just got Tom 😂

Frank Webb

Anyone here after Gronk retired

Pizza Panda

3:55 the Twins dads face


This is Ty’s vid

Beast Mode

Was Stephen curry there

Bassel Abuissa

My brother’s name is Rakan

Adam Johnson

Saving the football to get closer to the hole would have been the smartest strategy here lol

Fam Pass

dac prescot or cj Anderson

Brooks Is here

The rams

Mr Woofey Woofey

In my opion I believe that the things in this video is true but you should fear both death and life life may be the evil and so may death but here is what I got to say To seem normal as if i ever could Me: omg I haven’t showered for 3 weeks

Jonathan Thomas

I think it's safe to assume I shit myself when Meat Popsicle jumped out... as did everybody.

Nathan Stills

You should do giant football trick shots

Srujana Chemicals

o its prefect

Riley Harbin

You should had slapped him


why the bike tho


OH MY GOD THIS IS ALMOST EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! I was diagnosed about a month ago I can sympathize with you my blood sugar was at 800 idk how that translates to the other sugar measurement. I can’t imagine being diagnosed at 10 I’m 12. This all feels like a horrible nightmare that I want to end


im callin it if kd comes back we have a good chance of winning fax    

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