Object-Oriented Programming is Good* - YouTube

*or not

Mary lou villa

OMG 😵😶😮😲😦😧😯the is a B

Zisis Kalogiannhs


Justin Sultana

Would you like a drink of water

Daniel Holmes

What is the name of the whistler and where can i buy 1 ?

Average Black Gamer

dude you guys need to go pro at all sports


On Pirandello Kruger there's a computer screen with an open e-mail of a guy who's tired of his work and he's going to quit it and say: they can't tie me up on a chair, and in the same mission, later, in a white corridor, there are some windows, two of them with normal chairs, one of them with blood in it, and the other with a guy tied to it... It gave me goosebumps when I saw it.

Ezazyes Imran

Pain full 1:40

Alaiya Jayne

Dude. This made me cry so badly

Andrew Fisher

Too bad the people in the theatre were loud as fuck during the whole goddamned movie


Maddie finally gets one. LOL

Tony Montana

i want to try 1980 one but not working :/

Jack Donegan

Switch around 2 words and you get every Vegans fever dream.


5:44 a pin is still up


10000 or more fps? i bet we can see the core of the explosion

Erica Hallee

I love Cody’s Dallas cowboys shirt

Fariz R

waw!! its so crazyy.....


Your not mean I would have done the same thing. Cheaters should never be forgiven. Dump him and find someone who will treat you like a queen and only you. If your husband wanted multiple women he should have never got married. It’s good your letting him see his daughter though I don’t believe in keeping a child away from parents because the fight between you and you ex not the child.


Why would they trow you out if the house

Get 1,000,000 With no videos

Who in 2019

Me: I lost my dad to cancer that wasn't treated at all by chemo, I watched him slowly die be Bleeping thankful you have a dad who makes sure you have what you need while being sick instead of being so shallow over your god bleeping hair!

Bailey Kingsleigh

Dumbest girl ever

Princess asyah got swag

I have been in the same thing as u he done the same things but it was everyday but i told the police and board

The Horse Channel

Good job for doing the right thing! No wait ENORMOUS GREaT BiG FAt THUMBS UP

Long Live X

Jeff Bezos: 139.8B

Joshere Golo

I always fight bullies if they piss me off and I always be humble

Rose Waikwa

Cody looked hilarious

'Cause I'm fucking all these hoes

Louis Greaves

Their question: who are your friends. My answer: nobody cuz I have no friends 1 like = 10 friends

Me:I’m about to end this mans whole career


i didn't see dj khaled in the movie....

Justin Rodriguez

I did the same thing cory

Secretary of Cyber: FatfuckingLenny

Damn this nigga Kyle cute as hell


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