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The Keyboard Smashing Club

i’ll try it :D

PickleTime GO!!

this is when Garret never even discovered hair gel😂

Jam Bauer

That Inga "oh yeah", oh my.

Forrest Gump

New Yorkers are pussies afraid of their own shadows. Too much pollution and too many Libtards.

Savita Dehade

dude perfect is only one youtuber team who make the best non gaming video s

Chynna Allen

Breezy and dreezy

Anime Lover

I want to hit the target also.I love gun.

This Isnt PornHub

Man, I'd beat Jake's a*s

Jack Pasey

Cody hit the first pose in round2

Danny O

Honestly good job with the video, the last part with The Last of Us and The Road gave me goosebumps. The movie was fantastic and I couldn't tell where the game was inspired from until now. Good job!


At my school girls actually punch boys back if they like tease the girls or hurt them in a way

Lu Bel

When you love someone that person is in first place and even when is not easy you push away your own needs because you make decision and it hurts you when you should choose yourself and that other person should hurts (thats how your wife loves you and Can let you be with another women) ...you make mistakes but dont hurt like this... So dont promote this like it is mistake of women and every women should let husband be with another women and thats how it Will figure out.... Men dont know what they want not women! and Always throw blame on women... take responsibility!.... But Thank God there are Always honorable Men who wait for love and make right decisions and protect woman.... And not like compute because they dont wanna be alone or whatever reasons and later figure out that they made mistake and the best woman is another one and hurt women...

Sky Apollo


Lightning Blue Pikachu

97 million viewss... wow

Riley ruth

I’m an atheist and personally I have family members who would rather see me gay then have a first grade level of logic btw I accept everyone so I don’t quite understand how people could be so cruel



Saud- Aljohani

you are the best easter egg hunter keep up the good work

Luke Carnegie

You should do golf driveing range trick shots that will be great thanks❤️

Mirah kyu

How do ppl shave their heads?

luis hammmer hammmer

Garrett Rocket is amazing

chukwuma otuata Otuata

I thought this was dianglio russel.

Zarena Pegenia

At 4:17 I thought that was her. She kinds of resembles the baby


Me = OtherFriend = The Imaginary Dunker

Luis Contreras Jiménez

When she stars to undress 2:04

Kirusanga Santhirakumar


Via Galarza

"I just cant believe they did this to me"

•Color The Bunny•


Fnaf GAMER915

Me: the super fanMy friend:mr jumpy


Frozen taken by Nick furie

Gxd Kxlla

2:23 he said 1 mil likes ends up getting 4.8 million dam


Have some consideration people like me. I only came on his voice 5 times

Please i need your opinion.

Victoria Lima

yeah thats not ok

StoredCross 3

3:08 swagger souls paid a visit

Anel Itzamany Garcia Lopez

Pura porquería de canciones no sé para qué existen Pirlo menos los niños saben que dicen esas canciones, pues no nada más las andan cantando sin saber que dicen

Nova Blu

“Hey sign up now and we’ll kill you! :D”

Sycro Time


Ted Nguyen

film with Carson Wentz QB for the Eagles

meara mcvearry

ty is a great watermelon artist!

Nipsey Hussle

“I’ll suck u dry” BIG pause 😂

Lemmy Kilmister

Im not religious but i want to see what the Hell can be after death

Boys Magno

I can't tell if this is real or not, but this person became very very brave to not give up, despite her pain. Be like this woman, but be careful on planes.


11:53 Hahahahahaha, nice one

Laura Martinez

THANK YOU for making more easter eggs i like u :) friend

Dungonmaster85 Hi


SHUGAR Nicolas

Look diss is how Manny peaple want you tu be your self! I want you TO be your self! En if der is not DAT Manny likes dan.. Sorry but you do want you love.

Dalton Woods

Screw her shots. I'm all about that ass.


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