Off Campus Placement Interview - Tech Round & HR Round - Ankur Agrawal - YouTube

This video is a re-enactment of a Real Life Off Campus Placement Interview experience of Mr. Ankur Agarwal. After graduating from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Mr. Ankur Agarwal appeared for a few On & Off Campus Placement Interviews. And this was one such experience where he appeared for Ericsson Global India Job Interview.After clearing the Aptitude Test and a Group Discussion, Ankur went through a Technical Round and then a HR Round. In the video, both the Rounds have been Re-Created.You can reach Ankur Agrawal on Facebook, video is a re-enactment (by actors) of the interview experience as shared by Mr. Ankur Agarwal. Cast :Female Interviewer : Ms. Neha SaksenaMale Interviewer : Mr. Lokesh SharmaCandidate : Mr. Darshan Khatwani#JobInterview #OffCampusPlacement #HRRound #TechRound

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