[Only 4 Blocks on Level 6, World shortest solution] Google 50 years of kids programming language

My friend "Kamol Ig Chuengsatiansup" just found the world shortest solution on level 6. Only 4 blocks used!


In the music I always hear: "I'm stormin' on the corndog."

Carson Travis

You need a trampoline

Brayan Chaparro

hahahaha the panda fell

Luvnlif 4ever

I love your vids

antonio ramos irias

habla spanish;)

Yo Mama

The horse is reminding me of the dark horses in Jack Frost

Louize Andrei has misfortune

I mean likes

burnt toast



Wise choice with your travel destination.


you should have done a happy gilmore golf swing


When glider redeploy was deleted and you didn't know.

Marlei Burrowes

I've been to that jump street it is super fun! :D

Zaki Aw

who's watching in 1857

vicho xd 178

Is and parkour


Thank you for this video guru. You deserve more subs


''Everybody dies, sooner or later''

Emanuele Savino

There is an other easter egg: in a flashback of Riley there is the slide of sunnyside, the asylum in the toy story 3

Trey Boudreaux

Panda on that jet ski tho

harjinder singh

at 4:04 he literally got ignored haahah


Make me laugh.What? He said best comment make me laugh


When it comes to Easter eggs you are the guy for it, I enjoy your content so much!

Alice b3ar

Não entendo nada

ALI Arain

They could have gone 4 the bottle buster😈😈😉

. In the Arms of an Angel or the Eyes of an Angel I don't know every Sarah Mclachian song feels so sad

Amiah Lake

OMG ur so close to 10 mill good luck 🍀


Man lotr was so easy....

- SpanishPipBoy

question; What genere of games do you prefer?

Simply Zenn

sorry 🖤 happy anniversary hope you have a great day...!


Where's Oscar Zulu transmission from fallout 3?

Drake gives free concert

Scott Giordano


Trini Tech 2 live

Wow deep

I saw then 4 minutes later buss five which i have rechecked a million times to see if it was the right one which it was.


You used the squidward one twice in a row, lazy.

Alexa Gold

Cory is so mean trash talking coby you are trash because you missed a golden opportunity when coby was eating the twinkeis


I always think everyone is the same and I don't fit in the picture.

Brett Davies

Poor Panda

•Hello Dolls•

So this woman had years of period cramps, mood swings, etc, just so she couldn’t have a baby?!!!

Gabriel Vick



Favorite game on both consoles? isn't it just on XBOX?



Mr. Sandman

I dont really understand why anybody would watch Horrormovies or play Horror Games. What makes people watching some scary shit so they cant sleep and if they sleep they dream shit? I'm not interested in ruining my lovely dreams but what are the reasons of those who watch these movies?

Evelyn S

7 help me

Kryses Spike

we want a part 2 asap

Caleb Teague

"I CAUGHT A FISH!! YES!!""Touch it...""NOOO!"

itz christina

wth why does their hair and everything keep changing her shoes were white and now they're gray?

Dragon Training

If someone hurt my sister I would make them wish they were in hell

Haardik Butola

I Think Cody was gonna spank coby at 6.36 😂😂😂

Random Stuff

Coby will win


The video should have included why she doesn't agree with the LGBTQ+ community, otherwise this whole "airing of opinions" commentary doesn't stick because she's openly acknowledging she needs to have a discussion but nobody gets to hear that discussion so it's as if it never happened. This is why people are angry - you can't expect the take home to be "be respectful to people's opinions" when her opinion is unfounded at least within the context of the video. That's like having a video where a neonazi is bullied and doesn't explain why they joined that movement in the first place - nazism and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment are unaccepted in society because they openly look to deprive people of human rights, so the friend and people in the first school were acting out as bullies in defense of themselves or their friends from being persecuted by someone who actively disagrees with their right to exist.

Joshua's Gaming Adventures

Who else thinks Cap’s outfit makes him look like s swat member?

dias puspa

Dude perfeck is acool bro


Legends say she stills says “I’m safer on the streets” and “ I can’t do it Anymore”


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