C program codes to check leap year - Learn C Programming p8

This program will check leap year . Source code ---

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Who’s watching in 1974

Dominic Clerk


[PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

Bobby aimbot confirmed

Fantasy Mind

I understand that story. It's relatable in a certain way.

James- starts singing the duck song.

Anthony Amaro

How do you do that

Chris Eklund

Guess before Cory on lord of the rings

. If you have your period longer than 10 days you should know something is wrong. Suffering like that for 5 months is beyond stupid, and with a condition like that its possible she probably cant have children anymore because she didnt go to the doctor and continued to suffer like that for 5 months.

Jordan Wise

how is that impossible

Lev_ENTER 17


_jeff _

this used to happen daily in vietnam

Oh right every teacher

eric Gallant

I was about to say the same thing then I saw this comment

Ru M Or

Guess what , Elsa need to join X men Team .


It’s ridiculous that people get mad at the trailer... it’s comedy. We laughed a whole lot for White Chicks but someone doing a voice we are upset? People are too sensitive. This is coming from a Hispanic woman. Así que no se monten en tribuna.

Luke Rajaram

Clicked on this vidoe so fast i had to let everything go

Pastor of Muppets


Ethan Thiessa

i wanna see the bloopers


Millennials are quite ironic. Our generation's trademark is excessive socializing, yet most of us can't seem to distinguish who we can trust or when we're being manipulated via sweet talking. Or we just can't help but repeat mistakes many others have made over and over and expect sympathy. It's sad, cringey, and disappointing. We need to emphasize to the next generation the dangers of the social world and how not to fall into their traps.

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Team beard, team twins. Team tall?

Caleb Leung

I always wanted to be a refrigerator because its chillll....... So I now identify as one.

erica raiford


fork• in the garbage-disposal

Actually it's

Kripali L Suvarna

Disclaimer no bird were hurted

Fahmida Raisa

God bless Molly

Filthy Frank

teachers are suposed to be your 2nd parents


Team coby for life

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I love how they all wearing sweats and white shirts

Dee Jay AKA A Dj

At number two, try putting it to 2.0 speed. :)

Eric Tlumach

This isn't a dunk but my favorite basketball shot is a Hookshot.

Is she lesbian or gay?

Claudia Chavez

Honestly sooo happy for you guys! Can’t wait for your bundle of joy, you’re light in your eyes to be born! You guys are going to be wonderful parents! Best of luck💕💗 (I commented this before watching the video sooo I’m excited)

Chad Dettwiller

You should interview a mascot

Mikey The LEGEND

Nice reference HOO HAH

Alejandro Alfredo Sánchez Navarro


GTA V is really a greatest hits from practically every 3D game they've made in some fashion, particularly influenced by the most recent titles in a series.

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Apparently It only took me 27 minutes to be born, and my brother 2 hours.



Boxperson 2000


The milan fan

No ones knows what it feels like.and neither they know our feelings.We are the one who is experience it and we only knows it difficulty because we are the one who is only facing it date to by date.

inbar rai

כך אתחילה אגדה


this video was a day before my birthday

Albanian tv

Ouuu damnnnnn

PS. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t post more.


I love the rage monster

Jonathan Lorentzen

Im propably mr.cathes everything BUT fish here are my Stories (if you want to hear them)I have chaught:Ice skatesA broken banjoA message in a plastic bottle (it said trololol)A completely not openedbottle og coca cola (gave it to my cousin i am not alllowed to drink cola)A empty handbagThe half of a skylander swapforce (the legs of the fireknight thing)

Ignacio Medina

LOL! Crysis 2


... im very sorry for u....

Sgt Cake

well what would you do if a millionaire gorilla would land on top of you? would you welcome it with open arms? the man was right to push him off

A Guy With a Pen

They get access because the guy who shot the 10 million dollar shot's family is the family from duck dynasty

Hannah Johnson

Do you haveto bea grown upto join I am 9 years old

Jaware Ware

This is a delicate, and sad story. All I have to say is I’m glad the building didn’t collapse🤔🤔🤔

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Now41 jt subscriber

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Sup guys Chyler here XD

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Codys. Face at 1;20


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