Python Programming #1 - Getting Started with Python!

Python Programming for Beginners! A series of Python Tutorials covering all the basics of Python programming. We'll cover everything from the basics of python, variables and loops, to File I/O and functions! This video will cover getting started with Python, installing version 3.5 and downloading PyCharm!► JOIN THECODEX TODAY! THE COMPLETE PYTHON PROGRAMMING BOOTCAMP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: is a company focused on empowering and enabling anyone to learn how to code. Established in 2015 by Avinash Jain, THECODEX has taught over 150,000 students around the world how to code. With over 13 programming courses on a wide variety of topics, and more than 10,000 5-Star reviews, THECODEX is the right choice for you. We provide engaging and comprehensive videos that break down complex information and cover everything you need to know about the subject. All students get access to our Q/A forums where you can get your doubts and problems cleared up. At the end of every course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Jumpstart your Coding Journey with THECODEX today!♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦Music: Flash Funk (Marshmello)



Katie Shurden

this is so amazing love it


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Dusty Gamer

Aaron Rodgers edition

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Sodkoo Mungun

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K Bright

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Kirsty R

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Maleighya Thompson

You’ve held it good mike I didn’t have my father growing up either but my father was still in my life

goat barf

why won't they show padas face

Kero Z


Justin 311

Now, the real question is ... is she lesbian or not?

Karthik Manishankar

Steve Kerr is a god. He named his son Nick Kerr lmao

Latoya Slaughter

ive been watcching your videos p.s i subscribed

Mark Mitchell


Dr Goated

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Adam Hanneman

I get the game has references but really it was just a typical cliche and predictable horror game. And is because it used little bits of horror movies we all know.

Cooper Garner

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Jana Sinclair



Pokémon shot into existence around my birthday. March 1995. The series is actually just about as old as me. I'll never have an issue calculating the Pokemon series age if I just use my age.

Always nice to hear your voice too

Michele Mennillo

2019 ?




I'll be honest a bunch of these just look like bad CGI

reba grinde

Can you guys please do a church stereotype!!!! 👏👍 including the offering😉

Santanu Goswami

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Nimish Joshi

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Missie Weatherbee

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Sthe Best

0:51 he's Hawkeyes!

Prince Mittens

This video gives me so much motivation. You are so awesome for your values and strength!

Amanda JT

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Laila Lessard

I know this story I think it happened in the 1970s if not than I’m just being dumb or thinking of something else

Diogo Costa Nascimento

this guy is fucking talented!

Harry M

What's your favourote game? Which game you spend most of time? Greetings from Poland.

School nurse: I’ll go get something for you brings back ice here this will help you

DQ Boies

You guys are the best you tubers ever I hope to see you guys some day that explosion was crazy with flour and the GO PRO LiVES👍👍🏈🏈💵💵

Scott Cronick

This the most wholesome thing ever god damn

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