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Dhyan Patel

2:21 did anybody else see Garret at the top left?


I always wondered why I got this. It's because I'm Asian. Well shit.

Some Guy

I’m a simple guy

Sukhvinder Kaur

Why did it say jeff toney

yeontaue is LuCky

tom is really famous in react

Meg hope

emma looks... sick

Who put you on this planet

I know I have many mental illnesses I've lived in them for years but it is getting worse and I even Attempted suicide and ended up in a hospital and I told my mom I need therapy and she cursed at me and complained about how the hospital bill will cost so much and how I did it for Attention and she can't afford a therapist but she uses my child support to buy clothes And perfume for herself I'm so tired of this

day 2: heavier


I'm sorry, but that "father" was a very selfish and weak man. The fact he only gave a damn about his emotions and actions and not what if would do to the girl, her stepmother or the baby sister is disgusting. My heart goes out to the girls and rest in peace to the mom.

Dylan Meza

I tryed to kill the headless horse man

T o n y a

It's all Great, Great place to film, Great Lyrics, Great people!! It's just so sad, heart breaking!

gets hit by backpack 😂

DylanDoesVlogging And Stuff

the blake griffin and Steph curry billboards though


2:34 is kinda Ironic :P

noel crabtree

Legos have never bothered me.....

hello am fred

I don't like KD. I'd say he got more than he deserved for joining the team that beat him. There's no reason to hate him anymore. I hope he makes a full recovery.


This video gave me hope that I'm not alone 😭

Jesse Writes

I wish my parents wouldn’t let me go to school

___ I3ambi

It was, in fact, better than the angry birds movie... Barely

Andrei Tipau

good old times with Battlefield 1942

The Gamester

2018 anyone😐😐

S.K Naturegirl

parents get over it me ya sher I NEED HELP parents OK will help you now me it feels to late now it feels like the feelings are set

Emily Perricone

I'm always compared to my friends because my parents say that I don't love them and my friends are super close with their families to an extent that I would never feel comfortable with. Maybe I am a piece of shit compared to them, but I'm NOT them.


Man,you're the best,every episode is kinda epic because of your montage. Congratz and I wish you more success! Love from Poland :D

SaltyInkx '


Zambie Slaya2016

Christians: you will be alright, God will be with you and if you have faith enough you may walk agian!

MarSS_228 game channel


Mario Venancio

how does the golden rocket flies?

Paper Airplane Battle

Lil Gibbles

Dylan larkin

Omer oynuyor

31 bin beğenme cenabetmisin aq

samuele Zanini

Chi dall'Italia?

Alicia Bliss

Easter stereotypes?

Garima Joshi

I am early so I just wanted to comment but I don't know what to comment.......

Sahil Jha

Panda ftw in feb. 2019

Anton les scrubber



I wasn't expecting much with this game because of how long it is, but of course Metal Gear Solid was going to have something interesting. I was filming a video on another MGS game as I filmed this so expect that possibly next week. Thanks for Watching!

ريما العنزي Reema Alenazi

آل سعود💚👮🏻‍♂️

Derek Champion

loved the speaking instead of the text keep it up oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


You don't need him girl.

Tech Dunk

wait, did you guys trow a grenade!?

Tiffanius Smily

harry as boy was my crush with peter pan.

who am i

2014 brazil world cup lol now its in Russia

Senor Ringworm

Abed is awsome


She’s physically healthy.

YoungCash Beats


Emily Dangerfield

Toxic work place at the police station smh 😭 so many things contributed. That poor girl.

Batan05 :D

Nomad looks so real here

Matren Armis

To be honest, Bf5 will probably be like Bf4. Full of a shit ton of bugs that need months to be parched. Meanwhile, the game is almost unplayable.

Cam Yingling

6:41 the Texans

Olivia Wisti

Who else cried

Go man 😍😍😍 Seems legit.


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