Part 1: Playing by ear

Karen Cuneo Ramirez explains how to play by ear

My child hood man I miss that

Kiko pichu

Thank you so much for this video. You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

Mary Baxter

too bad after james made it the video has 11 million views

Wendy Hinds

dude perfect year

arvind meena

Mtab kuch bhi

Maddy's Ark

no joke i started crying just hearing what anne was thinking about, it felt like seeing myself when this happens too me. this made me think how stupid i would have looked

King Doge43

Where's garret?

A real Gungeoneer

Ban helicopters!

Toothlightforlife 34

This is not ok. an open marriage is exactly like cheating but the other person is ok with it even though its not right! this is messed up and I'm sorry that this happened to you.

Fabian Salazar

Best laser ever!!!!!!😮😮😮😮


My favourite part about this is ela giving me her hand!

Megusta verymuch

I love your editing and design choices

Tamer Khalil

Use Ty's head as a target

Baldev Boyal

Cody is best

[Cloutmaster] Phluphyy

Lets not forget the homophobic video lol


If your book ain't good then you bet your singing that someone will make a parody off of you and tell you that you suck at writing.

I animate



I thought the first easter egg looked the the begging of despicable me 2 :D

Angel Baez

Can you post a grill maintenance video?



What camera is she using?


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