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Patrick Dumbauld

But why did you break the TV 🤔

Friends friends friends friends

aldwin li


Life with Fun

Girl Power


Kim Lia Siren

I thought they said BTS

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LeaDZ Thunder

Your next stereotype should be sleepovers

julian Tan

Really enjoy your video. Keep up the good work !!

Dillon Sanchez

That's what happen to me to

But u did mention variables in case-control studies ... which are fixed in many studies lol


Me watching this knowing that I eat meat everyday: 😥

Maureen Flanagan

Football and Helicopters, a day well spent.

Creeper Kingsdamac

The golf/football one took the longest

Cary Krusemark

Who else realizes how lucky they really are just by watching this vid


6 mill

Peppa Ro

The doctor

Earth Worm Sally

i thought this was gonna be about a test...

Also Guy: *Divorces wife, dates girl, marries girl, divorces girl, re-married ex-wife.


This is so fake!

Haider Javed

Is he better than Sterling Malorie Archer tho!

Minder XXX

I’m a person


shouldve seen my first day when i got admitted. its was a shit show the whole unit hated me

Guruprasad Gs

Table tennis 🏓

I'm NOT a channel

If u make a new video you should looking this movie ( The Handmaiden) so good asmr bath part ✨✨👅

He motivated me in becoming a mechanical engineer



Louis Studer

cooler jump

Hitmarker. exe

In the thumbnail it looks like Ty is flipping you off.

Ëmirī Wølf

Thumbnail: Ponyo by Studio Ghibli

Aaditya Narang

the cringiest cannel ever

Rebecca Maze

I feel so bad god bless you. ❤️


Crazy vlogs and Eli

Fortnite can you please make your game easier because I’m a noob at it and I can’t get a win


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