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Jose Antonio Gómez Siles

Someone in 2019??



Easier said than done.

Jody Frederick

I understand complete

Seb 713

I am just so emotional right now

Firewing 2099

I love ❤️ your videos

David quetglas sanmartin


feebe and gina show





at 0:47 the glass of the backboard should have broken.


Sorry, I haven't played on that map that much, where do you get the executioner on nuketown?

piano_box ?

Pennywise: Where my balloons?

Xyra Purisima

im anxious rn i feel like vomitting


I have two siblings who refuse to believe they have these problems. They were diagnosed bipolar but one was evaluated again (on court order) and was diagnosed as BPD. Neither believe there is anything wrong with them and blame everything, even their law breaking habits like physical assault, on other people. It got so bad I have not spoken to either in 5 years.

Dragonite XQ05

Team Necklace

Ah Sae

I want to leave school in the middle of the day but I’m too scared

Joshua Bowen

This trick shot should be called thebow and arrow draino

YuFan Lou

OMG Guru u r a genius in finding hidden clues! That episode of Community suddenly becomes so great!

Ayoob Ahamed

Who is the panda

Me: if I get a B on my report I get grounded for a week

Fiona Stewart

Coby got mugged by cody

Sardar Aayan

5:48 real madrid

Shoreboy 56

Team necklace


5:53 look at the left bottom hand corner


Only 3 seconds in and im upset you didn't include Mirai Nikki :'/


The person responsible for the audio sync aint getting an award this year.

Muhammad Jasim

Barcelona.My favorite team

Heather s

I relate to this story so much. Not only because I have the same name as the mother but my mother left me when I was 10, I'm 28 now. I haven't physically seen her since then but one day a couple of years ago I decided to look up her name on fb and bam there she was. I sent her a message and later that day she sent me a message back saying yes I'm your mother and then.....She told me she had MS among other health issues. Her health is getting worse each year. She was abusive and also drank and popped pills when I was younger. I still love her very much but can't fathom hurting my children nor leave them. We talk on and off every once in a while. She is also 52 right now and is temporally in a nursing home till she gets better because one day last year she woke up and one of her toes were black so she had to get it amputated. I hope some time this yr when we visit the state she's in she'll let me come see her. I'm a bit afraid and nervous but I want to at least see her one more time in person if something happens to her.

C Tom

Make another airplane battle but this time, with styrofoam

SoCold 187z

They need to hand rights to the u.s to just make the game.Cant take them serious yelling same thing over with the game budokai 3 was the only one I liked


Qs How did you get your name gurukid


The lady in yellow got the special of the night tho

Kimirose Washington

I like them all

What A Karuvad



the best pool player is SEMIH SAYGINER

Jontelle Rayford

Dude perfect basketballgame 17

Guru, your videos are amazing. <3


Holy moly, thats mind blowing.

Drunk Sausage

How much tries did Alvaro need?Be honest XD

Virupaxa Banakar

The bottle bust

max well

they blurred all ads except for toyota


Soccer ruined my summer

Luis Alfredo Santos

CARALHO como???


There are


Clash of clans still a thing ?

Celebrity Edits

Omg this happened to my schoolmate and the pe teacher got arrested

Quinton Rigmaiden

Dead rising 1 was the best

Hoseo HD

your shots with the bow are incredible

Kay Rey

This is my favorite episode of anything, ever. I’m crying with laughter. 😂😂😂😂 Jen and Kristen are the funniest duo in the history of duos. 😂😂😂😂♥️♥️

tells the whole internet


That guys face in the rock is one of the game developers robot aka Ahm his laugh😄😄


I also found that then entire game was foreshadowing that something bad was going to happen but nothing did. It seems to me like Druckman was going for an emotional ending the entire time but was like "Oh this is Uncharted, lets have a happy ending" and just changed the entire outcome of the story to something that he though would fit with the Uncharted style. Even with how Uncharted 2 treated how Elena almost died, that event felt like it added a new layer to each of the characters and how they react to situations like that. Uncharted 4 felt like there was no risk to anything they did, and Cassie's involvement seemed really out of place and forced. Uncharted 4 to me was a huge disappointment, not because of hype, but because of how it was written. I want to know if anyone else feels this way.

e r u


Doc: ok, she’ll survive

Tharek Garcia

Mario kart mode activated

Indy Custom Made

This really makes me want to go to a Broadway show. I have never been to one but hey I do have a bucket list. Great job James.



reyconsola nengs

15:00 looks like one of the enemies can you play in Natural Selection 2


Nested Menu